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Oral herpes?

Recently I had oral sex with my gf and kissed her afterwards. I had already been suspecting the herps for a minute but now I am almost certain of it. As of right now I have a blood blister or some dark purple/black spot surrounded by a few other similar in color tiny dots, my tastebuds are red on the front of my tongue, blisters/raised patches in throat, throat redness, tons of veins in my throat, red dots on roof of mouth, 1 small red bump on my upper lip where my lip stops and skin starts, I had a few ingrown pubic hairs even though I didn’t shave. I popped them and pus came out not fluid, and a small pain in the urethral opening when I touch it. I know it doesn’t look good but I would like to hear it from a doctor or someone more well read than myself. I’m only 16 so it would kinda suck to have the herps. Thanks.
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Have you gone to the doctor yet? I've already told you that herpes doesn't cause sores IN the mouth, but on the lips.

This has been going on for almost a month, right? The only way to know what is going on is to see a doctor.

Herpes doesn't cause blood blisters, irritated tastebuds, ingrown hairs, etc.

Stop popping things, and see a doctor.

I realize you are 16 and going to the doctor without your parents finding out is daunting.

If you are in the US, you can get checked and treated for STDs without your parents permission in most states, and they can't tell your parents in most states. To find out the laws in your state, call your local Planned Parenthood.

You are assuming your gf has herpes. Has she ever tested? Ever had a cold sore? Maybe both of you can go to Planned Parenthood together.  
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