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Hi, I'm a 19 year old female and 2 days ago i gave oral. No it was not protected, partner did not have any signs of redness/bumps or any of the sort and i did not let him ejaculate in my mouth. Yesterday I decided to check my throat it felt weird but no pain. There is a white patch on my left tonsil and white patches on my right tonsil. No pain when i swallow just somewhat discomfort, no pain while eating, no difficulty breathing, had slight fever (it disappeared), lymph nodes are kind of swollen, no red bumps, no blisters. Is it possible to have an STD within the mouth with these symptoms? If so, what kind? Im too scared to go to my doctor. I've just started using warm water and salt gargling it and green tea. It could be oral thrush? Is it less likely for an STD to form in the mouth according to my symptoms?
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Extremely low likelihood of any STD from the activity. It is not unusual with a new partner to experience a transfer of bacteria to cause a low grade infection.

If the soreness continues, see the doctor for a throat swab and he may consider testing for STDs.
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Are you sure ? :\ I went to the doctor today i asked him to test me for STD's and he also took swabs for it and strep throat he said it doesnt look like an STD. However, my throat does have an infection. He gave me a prescription to get some axomil for the infection. I just really reallt do hope this works >.<
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Yes, 95% or more of the time, a sore throat is just a sore throat from a typcial infection, cold virus etc.
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