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Please somebody.. anyone I just need to calm my nerves

Here's a little background I've already had HSV 2 for little over 6yrs ..recently I developed a blister on my inner lower lip 2days ago and my dr w/o testing decided to treat it as a cold sore anyway however it just went away.. never blistered or anything.. now I have another one on inside of top lip w/ small white center, smh but I'm still using the Acyclovir cream he prescribed! I have a tendency sometimes when yawning saliva squirts out and this time it accidentally got on my little baby face(4mos old). Yes I cleaned her face but
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Hi, first you need to confirm if you have oral hsv. You can pretty much rule out any hsv2 but do confirm a blood test for hsv1 for the babies concern.
As far as your lip symptoms go, neither of what you mention suggest oral hsv1. They are not white head and dont dissapear as quickly as your inner one did and having them inner is not common anyway.

As far as getting on your babies face, its not a concern because its not transmitted like that. Needs direct rubbing contact to be passed.

On a side note, those creams will not help.
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Thank you for dropping that knowledge!! It kinda helped eased my anxiety about my baby, and idk why he gave it to me w/o testing bt I didn't question it so I just scheduled an appt with my OBGYN tomorrow morning so I'll have them test me for it & I'll post results afterwards....
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