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Possible HSV-2 Virus Confuses My Doctor

On the fourth of July I had sexual intercourse with girl I did not know. On about July 27th I started experiencing a rash that was mainly in the groin area. It soon spread down my legs and up my torso. One week after that I began to notice small bumps or lesions on the head of my penis. They weren't painful they were mainly very itchy when irritated. On August 19th I went and saw a doctor and was prescribed 5% Imiquimod cream for the lesions and as far as the body rash to continue to use cortisone cream. At the time of me going in on the 19th, it did not hurt to urinate nor did the lesions hurt. Therefor it was unlikely herpes yet blood testing was conducted as a precaution. After one week of using the prescribed cream the lesions had gotten worse yet still did not hurt to touch they just felt like a really bad rash nor did it hurt to urinate. On the 26th some of the blood work came back and I was positive for HSV yet my doctor said it was unlikely because at this point I've had the out break for just about a month and It still wasn't painful to urinate. Besides all of that she prescribed me Acyclovir to treat a herpes outbreak and I've been on that for four days now and the condition has gotten worse. The body rash is still present all over the body and I now wrap my penis with a gauze pad and the lesions are leaking a decent amount of yellow fluid. More of the lesions have appeared since I've started the Acyclovir. I am desperately seeking help because I cant sleep due to the itch and the obvious thought of wondering what is going on down there. If you have any suggestions for me to take to my doctor I would gladly appreciate it.
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Please if you get updated on your situation id like to know similar symptoms. I have small barely noticeable bumps on penis hear does not hurt at all. When full erect penis is kind of red. But no pain. Don't know what kind of clinic to even go too...
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You need to see a dermatologist and soon at this point. It sounds like your provider has been treating this as a contact dermatitis and it is far likely to be something else.

we can best help you with your herpes test results if you can get the exact test results to post here. for instance if you had herpes blood testing done, posting hsv1 igg .44 and hsv2 igg 1.2 or whatever the results are, can help you point you towards confirmatory testing if necessary.

Would a herpes infection cause these symptoms and for this long? No it would not. That doesn't mean that you don't also have genital herpes and just never knew it before, it just means that this isn't herpes related. Hope that makes sense.

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So I finally was able to see a dermatologist yesterday and she tested me for scabies and It came back positive. It turned out to be a severe case of it and the spots on the penis became infected making look like something else. I used the prescribed crème last night and already in a much better condition.

As for the herpes test it my doctor didn't exactly say any specifics other than igg something. I am in the military and this is all through navel health so I don't get a copy of the results unless I request all paperwork. So later this week ill be going back to find out exactly but the out break I am currently experiencing is not herpes.

Thank you for your help!
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What is clear is that the symptoms are not related (at least not all related) to herpes.

The IgG result may well have identified an oral cold sore infection (do you have these?).

Thanks for posting, a good story of how other conditions lead one to think herpes when it is not the case and without proper diagnosis and treatment, issues fester.
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It was clear to everyone that I had seen that it was not herpe like. the dermatologist said that there was no way what I was having was herpes.

Are you referring to the cold sores around the mouth and on the lips? Ive never had anything like that.
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Well good thing nothing serious I just got tested for herpes waiting on results. Hopefully their negative and if so proba go see a dermatologist as well to see if we have similar case. I appreciate you keeping us updated with your story.
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