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Pregnancy plus this issue?

my partner and i were trying for 5-7 months to get pregnant. Our two year old has been giving me a rough time during the day. i unfortunately got really stressed and had my second out break ever. I am itchy and in a lot of pain. I feel gross and am just coming to terms with having this myself. i have always helped my partner through his but now i feel so alone and abandon.(he hasn't left me he is just used to me supporting him with this issue, that i think he thinks i'd easily accept this fact and be ok with it and endure it like the person i wish i could be.) I love him but i need some support i'm worried that this'll effect our pregnancy. does anyone have any advice on how to make it feel better besides western medicine or scams? or does anyone know how to not allow it to effect getting pregnant?
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Hi, tell us more about your herpes. Which type and how were you tested for it?

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Hi honey - hugs. You'll be fine. HSV will not stop you from getting pregnant at all. Talk to your ob/gyn about how your HSV impacts pregnancy and delivery. Lots of HSV+ women have successful deliveries and healthy babies.

Are you on antiviral medication? I really recommend getting an episodic prescription, to treat occasional outbreaks. They will help them heal faster. There are also a number of over-the-counter topicals that I've heard good things about, including Abreva, Releev, and Dermoplast. One of them might work for you. Crossing my fingers that you feel better soon.
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