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Red bump in pubic area

With in the past week I have noticed a few red bumps in the pubic hair area. Now I am quite paranoid! I have been sexually active with a girl in a relationship for six months, then been absent with any encounters for a several month then had sexual activity, then absent for couple months again then last week was active again.

Before my last sexual encounter I did shave my pubic area, and I don't recall having this ever before. I also dont remember if I had it before my last sexual encounter but I noticed them a couple days after, which when I read in articles is not very common. I am going to go to the health clinic when I get back to town.

The red bumps DO NOT hurt, or itch and are quite faint in colour. I do get jock itch at times...could this be an reaction?

I am quite worried about it, well more nervous.
Any extra info or reinsurance would be wonderful!
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The partner was tested about a month ago and she came out clean. Majority of the time I do use a condom. I did the with the last partner as well, but it did break. I'm starting to worry less after she told me that she was tested and clean. From what I have been reading as well, I have the red bumps right up near the topic of the pubic hair area which it doesn't sound common at all. They are quite a few bumps all over the pubic area (almost like an allergic rash look) I am going to go to the health clinic on wednesday to get tested.

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Do what you have planned - get it checked out by your medical provider, but try not to worry. It could be any of those things you listed - irritation from shaving, jock itch... Do you and your partner know each other's STD/herpes status? Do you use condoms?
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