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Just my luck I got a westernblot done that came back negative in February i had sex with someone who didn’t know they had herpes. Fast forward I started talking to someone and we had sex and again she didn’t know she had hsv2 we had sex one time protected but I rub my genital on her butt without condom. I am uncircumcised 22 days later I got a rash that you can only see when i pull the foreskin back under my penis shaft where there are sweat glands. Wouldn’t I get symptoms on the area the penis touch ?  It wasn’t blisters, just itchy, 2 bumps, and very dry. It went away in 2 to 3 days. I haven’t had anything else since. Do you think it’s herpes ? I don’t take Igg test due to me being in the equivocals which is why I’m waiting 12 weeks to get a western blot.
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Something that goes away in 2-3 days isn't herpes.

Since you seem to freak out so much about herpes, don't have sex with people before testing. Casual sex isn't for everyone - that's okay. It's not for me, either. Nothing wrong with that. Your anxiety can't handle this every time.

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So if it was herpes sores or bumps they won’t go away the next day ?
No, a herpes outbreak lasts about a week, on average. It never goes away the next day. A first time outbreak can last a few weeks, easy.
I’m asking because 2 bumps show up but went away the next day but the area was irritated and itchy and dry for a couple days.
Doesn't sound like herpes.

And you can still take the IgG, by the way. You know your baseline index numbers. If you were ever really positive, your numbers would jump by at least a full point, if not a lot more.

Your equivocal was .98 and 1.04. If you were ever actually positive, I'd expect it to be AT LEAST in the 2s, if not higher. You also know that anything below a 3.5 needs to be confirmed with a WB.

Your hsv1 is a 17 something - that's a clear positive. If you didn't get something higher than a 5 or something, you can always get the WB.

But you had protected sex. Your risk is really, really low. I wouldn't even worry.
I know I did use protection but before i put on protection I did rub my genitals between her butt. Usually is a first outbreak a rash ? Usually you’ll get sores or blisters correct ?
It takes friction and heavy rubbing to transmit, usually the kind associated with sex. If it wasn't that kind of rubbing, it's still really low risk.

Yes, it's blisters. Do you get cold sores on your mouth? It will look a lot like that.
Oh okay it’s just strange how the bottom shaft would get it when i rubbed the top part of my penis on it then after put a condom on.
Yes I had a cold sore in my mouth before
It's probably not herpes, right? You have all these reasons why it's not herpes. That means it's not herpes.

It could be just dry, irritated skin, or maybe inflamed hair follicles, or something similar. It could be just a whole bunch of normal skin things, but since you're so anxious, you're paying a lot of attention to the area, and seeing things you don't normally notice.
I mean I got the rash and bumps 22 days after sex so I’m unsure. I’m getting a westernblot in august just to make sure.
Okay. Let me know.
How'd it go?
worriednkc, while we'd love to hear from Carlos, and hope he's okay, YOU need to talk to a professional about your OCD. You had no risk for herpes, and need to stop reading through posts trying to figure out if you have herpes. :)
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