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Risk assessment???

Hi, i regrettably had multiple unprotected possible exposures to HSV-2 with a guy i was seeing at the time, i do not know his status at all and we are not in contact anymore. I have only ever dated 1 guy before him and that was a long term relationship. We were both each others firsts so we were positive we didn't have anything. After we broke up i ended up seeing this new guy. I would confider him promiscuous, he told me he's had 15-20 partners so far. He's 24 and I'm 21. The last time i saw him was at the end of November and I'm really worried that i might have gotten asymptomatic genital herpes from him. I have never had a cold sore and have not observed any signs/symptoms thus far. I never noticed any on him either when i was seeing him.

I also got tested for other STDS and everything was negative and conclusive. I thought i could move on but now I'm so nervous, i don't know what to do and i feel terrible for even having sex with someone in the first place so fast. What are my chances? I wanted to get tested but turns out they don't do type specific testing in Ontario.
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Unless you have had genital lesions then there is no reason to suspect a herpes infection. Most everyone has symptoms upon infection, which are especially prominent if you have not been infected with say HSV1 before.
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would you say its okay to have sex with another partner? I'm just extremely worried about spreading it.
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Yes it is fine, you do not have genital herpes.

However as it is a concern, why aren't you mutually testing with this new partner before sex??
Ontario doesn't offer type specific testing. I will call my doctor tomorrow to see if theres a possibility to do it, they recommend to wait until signs actually appear to test or if you are positive you came into contact with someone who definitely has HSV-2.

Considering statistics though, i read that there is a 10% chance of transmission ANNUALLY from male to female IF the male definitely has HSV-2. Considering me and this guy were only together for 1.5 months and had sex 2-3 times per week if that, would it be safe to assume i have a low possibility of having it? I also tested negative for other common STD's like chlamidiya so would it be okay to allow that to give me reassurance?
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You can obtain type specific testing from private clinics.

Your odds are correct, even lower as there is only a 10% chance this former partner even had it.
I guess i'll go to my doctors tomorrow and see what he recommends. If anything i will go to a private clinic. Thank you for your help!
3 hours ago or so i noticed a very very tiny painless bump on my lower lip. Could this be a possible herpes sign?
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Not from sex with this partner. If it is herpes, and likely you are just being paranoid, then it would be from an oral HSV1 infection from your youth.
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Why would it not be from my last partner?
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Because if infected you would have experienced larger and multiple sores within 4 days of infection.

A few small sores 8 weeks after last contact is hence most likely a long term infection. I doubt they are cold sores though, you're being a bit obsessive, try to relax.
Im so sorry, this is literally my last question. So i just realized, and I'm so stupid for forgetting that i did have a possible oral herpes outbreak 2-3 years ago. I was living with my bf at the time and one day i woke up to a cluster of herpes like blisters in the corner of my mouth. I didn't know what it was and neither did my boyfriend. It did heal itself in about 1.5 weeks and i was so stupid for not going to the doctors to get it cultured. Since then i have never had a cold sore or any large/painful blisters. Maybe a couple here and there but nothing that stuck out as i was nothing thinking of herpes at the time. Could this have been herpes? i don't know how accurate diagnosis is by simply looking. But it looks exactly the same as some of the pictures i saw. And if so what is the likelihood of it being HSV-2 orally? I talked to a health hotline recently and they told me even if i were to get an antibody test it would be inaccurate and the only way to get accurate results is through active lesions which i currently don't have - especially not anything severe.
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