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Skin allergy and Herpes on lips

I am having some kind of skin disease,i dont know specifically the type of disease. It started as very small papules along my legs. Now found its way to my hands,lips, and thumb nail(skin beneath the nail) also. I am having very few no:of papules in my body now, except for those in my lips. I am applying mositurizer(Olesoft) everyday after i bathe. Still..It is really irritating,itching and i feel so bad thinking about this fact..

I have tried almost all the type of creams like clotrimazole,fusidic acid creams,Diprovate G.. As you might already know, nothing could prevent the disease as such. Now I am using Diprovate G. Does any one know the reason for having this kind of disease..? I remember that 2-3 years back I was bitten by some insect and I ignored it for almost a month, since it was my exam time. Finally when it became a cluster of blisters of the size of a coin, I went to see a doctor and from then onwards i started having this kind of skin allergy. I regret this each and every day in my life.

Now other than that, I am having very small papules on my lips. About 3 months back, I got 2-3 on my lower lip and it died out after 1-2 weeks without any medicine. Now it came again and it covered all of my lower lip and started spreading to my upper lip. It is not very much visible like other images I saw here but I can feel it with my tongue/hands since they are really small. Went to see a doctor last week, because I dont want to trasnfer this to anybody unknowingly. She said that this is herpes by seeing it.

I am worried whether this will become genital herpes in any way?.. Will it get transferred by kissing?.. Should i take care even when the blisters are not present?.. Is it possible to avoid it by following any specific diet plan..?
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Hi, the first step is to determine what these sore are and taking a swab of it and having it cultured within 48 hours after appearing would be the best test. Other than that have a herpes select blood test 3 months after your last sexual activity.
If the sores on your legs are the same as on you hands very high chances these are not herpes but another skin ailment. Herpes on the fingers would be very painful.
If your have sores on your lips, these may be a herpes outbreak as many people have hsv1 oral as was acquired at childhood.
Like i said, testing is the only way to know for sure.
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Also I am advised to apply Fucidin H Cream on my lips for herpes. Is it safe to apply this cream on lips..? Please help me if any one knows about this condition..
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Fucidin H cream is not for herpes. Herpes is a virus and this cream is for bacteria and an anti inflamatory for excema. It should not be used on the lips or get it near your mouth or eyes. Did a doctor tell you to put this on your lips?
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The sores on my legs are same as those in my hands..but in legs they are more frequently appearing than in my hands.
In the finger it was not that painful and it subsided after i applied Diprovate G. Now a few blisters are present in this finger, in that place. and sometimes it is itching also. Is this a symptom of herpes in fingers..?
I will definitly go for a herpes test..

I had a blood test also.
HB : 11.4gm%( Doc said that i am anemic now)
ESR : 24mm/hr( What does this mean..?)
IGE : 241 IU/ml

Does this mean that I am having some kind of skin allergy..?
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Yes...the doctor asked me to apply this on my lips. She also specifically said that, only this time I should apply this cream, as she has seen the sores on my lips.And next time when outbreak occurs, I shouldn't apply it without checking with any doctor.. I am confused now..
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You should really discuss this with you doctor. Remember when you take the herpes test it should be 3 months after your last exposure and also remember to have a swab of a new sore for sure and do let us know how the results turnout.
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