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Zostavax for Oral Herpes

after reading a study claiming all patients treated with the Zostavax vaccine were free of outbreaks I am wondering if a doctor will give me the vaccine for this reason. Can any medical professional tell me with any certainty if a doctor or clinic will do this?  I phoned their support line but the rep had no information to give me.


This is the study I am referencing.
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Interesting research report. But it appears to be scientifically flawed in a number of respects, and I would not rely on the results. Among other things, there is no biological plausibility -- i.e. no reason to believe that immunization against varicella zoster virus would protect against herpes simplex virus infection. I doubt your doctor will agree to give you this vaccine for this purpose; and if s/he does, you shouldn't expect it to have any efect on your oral herpes.
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First, thank you for the reply, although it is discouraging. Admittedly I did not read through the entire study.  Do you work in the medical field?  Do you see any reason that the vaccine would be harmful to someone healthy and in their 20s if, say, a doctor had a different opinion and decided it could be worth administering?  
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