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can taking valtrax cause damage if you don't have herpes?

25 and "diagnosed" with genital herpes 1 month ago. My second IGG result came back at 5.50 but the notes from the lab said it may be a false positive and to retest at a later date. I don't have any symptoms and my parter was tested negative ( only person I've been with) we decided to do 1 500mg of valtrax daily for 6 months then retest. Lately I've been having some bad side effects with feeling unwell, low back pain and swelling along with vaginal bleeding and severe cramping. I called the pharmacist who told me to continue taking it. If it's a potential false positive could it be doing damage?
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There is a chance of side effects as with any medication. It is best not to use it if there is no reason to.

Let's go back to the diagnosis. Why did you test? Was the result IgG for HSV2 antibodies explicitly? Was >1.1 a positive for the test you had?
I had my yearly exam, switched obgyn's and this doctor does routine HSV testing. I am at low risk population and the CDC doesn't recommend testing in low risk population due to false positives. My first result was 5.22, my second was 5.50 however the lab and Doctor both aren't positive it's an actual positive even with both results.
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Is > 1.1 positive?

If so, then you will need to assume at this time you have the virus. If you are not convinced, that's fair, then you will need to have the Westernblot test. Please see the UofW website for details.

Do you have HSV1, oral cold sores?
I do not. That was negative just like everything else. I've been with the same partner since o was 19. He's the only one I've been with, he tested negative before we had sex and recently testing negative again when this came it. It's hard to assume I have it when the lab and doctors all believe I don't. I'm doing this trial for 6 months then re-testing
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Like fleetwood suggests I would seek out the westernblot. It would seem very odd indeed with your sexual history to have hsv2
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With scores at 5+ I don't see the point of waiting 6 months. Seek the Westernblot for HSV immediately.

Are you sure you partner is having the right test and you see negative results for IgG antibodies for HSV2? Be careful of IgM and PCR tests and don't assume it is part of an STD panel.

Given the sexual history you describe, if it is confirmed that you have HSV2, then you may need to consider a non sexual transmission possibility such as being infected at birth.
He had the IGG test done. Both HSV 1 and 2 were negative. I've had a child. I've had everything ran while pregnant. All my previous doctors are dumbfounded when I bring this to their attention. I've always came back negative. I don't know why now. Nothing has changed
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It isn't necessarily a given that you had a test for IgG HSV2 while pregnant. Further, the results are sometimes unreliable and infections can be missed in pregnant women.

Truly, the WB test can be done now and will be definitive.
I don't even know how to order the WB or if my ob will order it. I'll look into it. Extremely scared of what I'll find out
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Well you cannot find out any more than you already know. In reality, the test does not impact your status, merely reveals it.

Print the following out and take it to your doctor.


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I like it, well done you on taking this step.
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