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chances of getting hsv2 with him taking daily meds no outbreaks in 10 years?

Dating 4 years, never unprotected sex, just found out he s positive hsv2. He takes meds daily and says he hasnt had an outbreak in over 10 years.
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Sorry that no one answered your question. I just noticed this.

Based on long-term studies of discordant couples, where one partner had hsv2 for a few years and the other did not and they were having unprotected sex up to 3 times per week, the risk of transmission was not more than 5% per year, which is about equivalent to a 1 in 1,000 chance of acquiring herpes from any single sex event.

What decreases the odds of you being infected is that your partner has had a longstanding infection, he's on daily antivirals and you have been using condoms. Some studies have show that those with longstanding infections shed less virus. Antivirals also reduce the risk of transmission by at least 50% and condoms, likewise, reduce the risk of by 50%. Therefore, the odds you would be infected during any given encounter would be around one in several thousand at best.

Many (most?) couples that practice this level of precaution probably rarely ever experience infection of the uninfected partner.

I hope this has helped. Good luck.
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