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dry skin/rash or herpes!!!! Please help!

I have had a slightly noticable rash on my penis that started 2 weeks after a possible exposure. There have been no blisters and I don't think any pain or itching that is herpes related. How long after the rash do blisters form? What is the pain and itching like? (Will you know what it is when it happens)

I now have some white-flaky 'dry skin' where the rash was. Is this a possible herpes out break? Can herpes look like this? That is, no obvious blisters but dry flacky skin. Also, what are the odds of contracting herpes after a one time protected encounter with no visable sores?
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herpes is a VERY variable disease and your rash very well may be Herpes but I doubt it since the skin is starting to flake. Sounds like a fungal infection or something but if you are worried, go to a dermatologist at once and have him look at it.
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I have the same problem as you. I showed it twice to my doctor and he said it wasn't herpes. It's most likely dermatitis/yeast infection. Mine is always there and won't go away and when it does it's only for a few days. He subscribed clotrimazol and it works temporarily for me. I'm getting depressed that it might be something more serious. Get it checked and hopefully you can get better treatment than I.
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In your case I agree with your Dr. Herpes doesn't just hang around. It comes for a week or so then goes away till the next outbreak..
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