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herpes-like symptoms, can't understand why

Okay, so brief history:
I'm mid 30's. Only had 2 sexual partners, and currently am in a loving, trusting relationship with bf of 8 months. We talk about everything.

In the last 8 months, since becoming sexually active again after about 2 years (previous relationship ended), I have had two UTI's and an infected gland in the groin area. I am currently in the middle of a course of antibiotics for my 2nd UTI in that period.

A couple days ago I developed a small blister on my labia. I also have occasional vaginal itchiness, generally in the entire vaginal area, not restricted to where the blister/sore is. The blister is sore and does not itch. It has a somewhat yellow-ish tint to it. It has not broken open at all or crusted over (as of yet.)

I had asked my BF before we slept together the first time about STD's. We had the conversation. I thought nothing more of it. After I found this blister, I began to feel a little concerned again, especially after the infected gland about a month ago. (which I did see a doctor for.) Anyway, after I found the sore/blister I asked him again, just because I thought I had better make absolutely certain that he was positive he did not have herpes. He was positive. I trust him. I have no reason not to.

However, after extensive research, the only things I can figure this is if it is NOT Herpes is a symptom of a severe yeast infection (due to being on antibiotics for the UTI, which fits with overall itching in vagina, not localized to blister area), OR the common cold sore, which is, I know, herpes, simply the non STD kind. But I've never had cold sores in my life, not even on my mouth.

Blisters/ulcers seem uncommon in yeast infections, but not impossible, especially if you have left it untreated. I was given an antifungal to prevent a yeast infection when I had the infected gland, but I was not given one to take with these antibiotics for the UTI.

I see the doctor Feb. 2nd to review my birth control pill, so I figure I will talk to her about it then unless this gets worse (ie ruptures/crusts over and/or more appear.) I COULD go sooner, but the difficulty is, I have no insurance, thus my options (and money) are fairly limited.

I'm worried about what it might be, but I also feel like it can't be herpes.
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I too doubt hsv however go see your dr while the sore is present. That is always the best route.
Like you said it can very well be from a yeast infection as well as other things. I will always recommend see a Physician while the blister is visable. The sooner the better.
I am also sure your partner is not deceiving you. He may be unaware he has it.
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It seems to not be sore anymore, but is still there, and weeping a tiny bit of liquid that is thin and almost clear, but a little yellowish.

Thanks ... I will. It's complicated, borrowing a vehicle, and I've been to the doctor so many times in the last few months that people begin asking me what is wrong, and it's embarrassing. But I will make an appointment tomorrow.
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Yes you should. This could be a number of things, including herpes.
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Okay, I have been. Saw the nurse, who couldn't diagnose officially, but took a swab/culture/what have you, and told me that she does not think it is herpes or any other std, but will send the test off just for my peace of mind. She said it doesn't look like typical herpes sores/blisters to her, and looks more like an infected hair follicle. She made an appointment for me to see the nurse practitioner on Thursday to get her opinion too, but it looks like I'm good. :)
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Very nice!! You did the right thing by having it looked at and culture taken.
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Saw nurse practitioner. She confirmed that it did not look like herpes to her either, and thinks it is a cyst. (Apparently I am semi prone to those now, but it still seemed VERY weird to me to have one there.)

Meanwhile, I didn't hear anything about the test, and no news is good news. :)

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Thank you for keeping me updated. It's always a good thing when medical personnel take a look and say it's not hsv. Plus the bump in question has been around a bit and not changing. Herpes lesion change into open sores quickly.
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