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lifelong illness caused by hsv

Since being diagnosed with herpes 15 years ago, I have had viral meningitis 3X, chronic hives 4X and the lastest is two occurences of uveitis.  Is it possible these illnesses are related to the herpes?  My ex-husband had occasional breakouts, but never anything as severe as my problems.  Note to others: protect yourself even with your spouse.
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This is something you would need to discuss with your Health Care Provider or your Doctor,I know in rare cases HSV can cause many problem for some people but exactly what type of illness's I am unsure of therefore I am reluctant to try to answer this question incase I give out wrong information,for the most part Herpes does not cause any major problems for the majority of people though.

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Hi notworthit,
I found this website which may be of interest to you.  It lists all the possible illnesses cause by HSV.  I hope it helps!

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