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Can Someone Help? Weird Pulse and tingling sensation

Im a 21-year-old male i take atenolol for blood pressure thats only high at the doctors office and ive been having a super strong pulse in my head and when i check pressure its normal but the pulsing is super strong in my entire head and also when i lay down to go to sleep i get sharp pains in my head and tingling sensations in my scalp and warm sensation around my neck and shoulder blade. I dont know what to do...its causing me to lose sleep. I dont have diabetes either btw. Also my vision has been getting blurry lately i dont know whats wrong with me.
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So, do you have anxiety?  I ask this because this does sound a bit like anxiety playing a role. You are of a young age and heart related events while possible are not the likely reason.  
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Have you had a physical recently?  This would be my recommendation to rule out heart reasons for this night time head pulsating.
Yes doctors believe i have anxiety but i feel like anxiety isnt the cause because the most ive heard is possible autoimmune disorder or neurological issues
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The thing is, autoimmune disorders are diagnosable.  I'm sure the have done blood work which often will reveal an autoimmune disorder. Have you considered being treated for anxiety?
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Hi there. I may have an answer. I would suggest that you get the paperwork that comes with your medication and check for side effects listed. I say this because I had the exact same things you wrote about. I was sure I was about to have a stroke. I checked and realised that Scalp Tingle is a major side effect of beta blockers. Your med is a beta blocker, so Im pretty sure that thankfully  it is behind  your problem. It will tend to subside over time and on a low dose, will go away completely.
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Wow man i thought i was all alone on this...thank you so much man if you really went thru what i have been going thru then u know how discouraging that stuff can be man. I appreciate you even responding and lettting me know its probably the medicine. God bless you fr. Thanks A Lot
wow----  this is why medhelp is a great place!  Glad tacolino had this information to share!!

So recently ive been having numbness around my lips along with the tingling and some facial numbness occasionally. Went to the er and the doctor doesnt think i had a stroke or TIA and that was weeks ago and its still bothering me especially if im sitting or laying down. Any thoughts or advice would help so much!
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