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I'm 22 year old with having hypertension problem from last 2 years.

Hey I'm 22 year old guy and having high blood pressure and heart rate problem from last 2 years (73 kg weight). I've done almost all the test regarding this like echo , thyroid , lipid profile , blood sugar , renal Doppler etc and didn't find anything. I've been on hypertension medicne from last 2 years but still everytime i goes to doctor for checkup my blood pressure is around 160/90 above. I'm having high heart rate problem too. I don't know what to do. I've tried almot every heart specialist and they all are like it's the special case and that you have stress problem as they didn't find anything in test. I'm so tired to justify that I don't have any sort of stress as I'm living a very healthy life. I do exercise on regular basis, no smoking or alcohol, no oily thing's as Ive been on diet from last 1 year. I'm hell tired of this feeling because everytime i Google they are like that you have very high risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest. I don't know what to do so i can control my blood pressure. Honest opinion needed.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thank you for the question.  That is probably frightening to you. Do you have the ability to check and chart your heart rate regularly?  This is what is often recommended.   A simple and inexpensive blood pressure monitor that you can get online does the trick and a piece of charting paper.  You then take your blood pressure at three different times during the day for three months.  THIS is the actual recording of your blood pressure that will give history that you can use at the doctors.  When taking your bp, sit comfortably still with both feet on the ground and arm at heart level.  Think calm, peaceful thoughts.  Then record.  Some people do have 'white coat syndrome' where their blood pressure is higher in the doctor's office.  https://www.healthline.com/health/white-coat-syndrome  This poses a challenge for doctors as it makes it difficult to get a true blood pressure reading.  Do you have anxiety and stress?  If you work on those, it also can help with blood pressure.  What medication are you on?  
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Hello, I wanted to check if there is any follow up.  We wish you the best.  
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Seriously your are special case but take tension the blood pressure you are taking about is too much so may be it's normal for you because your don't mention heart attack so may be there are meant to be because you are dieting for one it's not going to normal means it's normal to you.
Thanks and have a nice day.
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