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Normal to have stomach ache and diarrhea during BP spike?

Having random spikes into the 200s/90's-130 usually lasting few minutes or less and not triggered by anything that could think of. Sometimes, not always my spikes include stomach pain and diarrhea.
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The signs, in my experience, of having a blood pressure spike are pretty subtle.  How often are you taking your blood pressure to catch a brief spike like that? Here is how my doctor told me to get a log of my bp's to help them know what my likely typical numbers are. Take your BP ONLY 3 times a day and at around the same time. Feet flat on the floor, arm at chest level, relax. Make sure you have a good brand monitor. Is there a reason you check it so often? Do you have any history of hypertension? If your reading is going to 200 or 200 over anything near 110, you need to see your doctor. Nausea and vomiting with the high bp is something that can happen and in general, a bp that high with nausea/vomiting, dizziness, headache or chest pain is a reason to call 911 right away!  I was diagnosed with hypertension 2 years ago and medication has it completely under control. Are you under a doctor's care?
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This has been going on for almost a year. I was pregnant with my son a year ago perfect bp during pregnancy and at discharge from hospital. Went for my 6week app at around 8weeks and it was 180/90 at Dr office that's when it was noticed. He put me on blood pressure meds that didn't stop spikes and made me feel extremely awful. My BP still randomly spikes high and all of a sudden and last couple minutes then slowly goes back down to 140/130s. I've seen my primary care Dr about 2 months after my 6wk app and she didn't seem concerned and scheduled for a app and blood work a year later and that's coming up in May. I pretty much know it's high when I have nausea, bad headache that in the back of my head and neck, dizzy, and sometimes not everytime will have like a stomach burn bad pain and diarrhea. My BP usually is in 120/130s when not spiked. My spikes go in to 200 at times but never call 911 because it only lasts a couple minutes and is random. I could be sitting relaxed. I can also go week or two without a spike. I don't drink any caffeine products and keep sodium low.
I've learned what my symptoms are when it's spiking and to wait it out.

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