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Frequent urination due to over masturbation?

I am a 24yrs old male and  have been masturbating on avg 4 times since last 7-8 years .I started having frequent urination problem since last November.I would urinate anywhere from 10-15 times a day and this would get worse when i would try to sleep . I would urinate with decent amount of urine a  decent flow and before sleeping but i would still feel the need to urinate and would do 5-6 trips to the restroom. After falling asleep , i would get up 2-3 times to pee. I also felt everytime after masturbation , frequency will get even worse with some burning .
I reduced the frequency to avg once a day. I consulted my family practitioner in December  and i was prescribed ciprofloxacin twice a day for 10 days.She also did various STD tests , diabetes and urine test all of which came out -ve along with kidney ultrasound being normal as well .After 10 days , i felt significant improvement but not 100% . As such , i was prescribed levofloxacin for 5 days but levofloxacin seemed to aggravate the problem and i discontinued it after taking it for 2 days. I seemed to do ok for the next 2 months and kept the masturbation frequency to 4-5 times a week .However , the problem did start to creep in again as i think my prostate got irritated again even with reduced masturbation frequency.I consulted  a urologist and he did the digital rectal test and said my prostate seemed ok in size. i was prescribed cirpo again twice a day this time for 3 weeks . My problem again subsided by about 80-85% . However , if i masturbated  2-3 times in a day or masturbated once a day on consecutive days , i would again feel increased frequency and some burning. I told the uro about this correlation of my problems with masturbation but he said there should be no correlation and suggested i go for cystoscopy. I agreed to his suggestion and had cysto done after a few days.  Cystoscopy reveled everything normal other than a moderate stricture far back into the bulb for which the doctor performed dilation. I was prescribed levofloxacin for six days after cycsto. During those six days i suffered with even greater frequency and urgency and urine flow being normal every time i would pee. After stopping levofloacin, i felt my symptoms getting better but again my problem still did not subside 100% . I  kept my frequency of masturbation
3-4 times week and within 3 weeks of cysto , i again started to have frequent urination problem however this time with urine flow usually being normal every time i would pee . I was in the US till now but returned to my home country after 2 wees of having cysto and as such could not consult the same doctor.

I saw a urologist in home country and was prescribed Tamsulosin Hydrochloride  and gatifloxacin for 10 days after the doctor looked  at the report from urine culture and sensitivity test . Gatifloxacin did not help and as such doctor prescribed levofloxacin for another 10 days .None of the two antibiotics and Tamsulosin Hydrochloride did not show any signs of relief . I saw another uro after that and he prescribed moxifloxacin hydrochloride based on that urine culture test along with  tolterodine tartrate for 7 days. I have been taking em for 3 days now and do not see any relief .

I am really worried as my symptoms have only gotten worse after cystoscopy . Should i be worried that doctor did not perform cystoscopy properly and damaged my uretha or bladder? Or have i damaged my prostate with over masturbation. If yes , is there anyway to restore prostate in healthy condition ?
Also , should i try taking cipro again for 10-15 days as it took care of the symptoms at least by 80% on both occasions before cystocopy.

Please suggest what i should do and what the problem might be.

Thank you
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sorry I have not been in here! I am dealing with my own health stuff...AGAIN...the fun just keeps coming! ;)
Anyway...Yes, AZO is pyridium...Have your tried D-mannose, inositol, or prelief? You haven't run out of stuff to try just yet...so don't give up! Have you asked your Dr. for the valium? Might be worth a try! Glad you are taking the probiotics because antibiotics wreak havoc on our system...Yes they are a necessary evil sometimes...but they will NOT cure inflammation of the bladder...ONLY bacterial infections...

Alcohol is DEFINITELY a bladder irritant...gave up alcohol many years ago...anything non-alkaline has the potential to cause pain...How are you doing with eating an alkaline diet?

Sorry to hear you're still struggling, but glad to hear you are still trying to figure out what works for you!
Are you keeping a journal of what you are doing in regards to eating/drinking and such? This is so helpful to figuring out your triggers!
Well, keep at it! Hang in there!
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oh and one more thing...because you are in a VERY long and strong flare...it could take SEVERAL days of taking the pyridium for it to really kick in...so I would keep taking it for a week...just see what happens...;)
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Hey purr... Sorry to hear about your problems, I'm realizing that old saying, health is everything, is so true.  
I wish that dmark7 would join the convo again, I still believe he hits my problem on the head, but he doesn't really say much about how to fix it.
Anyway, my wife did mention keeping a journal also, is D-mannose, inositol, and prelief over the counter?  I gotta read up on the alkaline diet stuff, don't know much about that. 4 weeks on antibiotics, does feel like much has changed, maybe a tad for the better but not much.  Thanks again purr for all the info.
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no worries...troubles like these come and go and we adjust and adapt somewhat to it...because we don't have a real big choice!
dmark7 hopefully found the answers to his problems and it now living life! I hope he comes in and chats with you as well! Through sharing is how we figure out what works and doesn't work for us!
I agree with your wife! I did the journal for years! Now I don't need to as I can just pretty much see/predict what's going on or it's so impossible to figure out no point wasting the paper...but those new to this stuff it truly is critical to write it all down so we can figure out our triggers!
Yes D-mannose, inositol and prelief are all over the counter!
Hope you can see changes for the better soon! You have been at this for a while now! I feel your pain...but keep seeking answers you will get to a better place of that I am sure!
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I believe modern medicine to be some kind of joke. Medicine is based on unhealthy drugs which cause secondary harmfull effects, most of these effects will have a terrible health impact on the long run,  and most drugs are base on the principle of treating the disease rather than healing it.

I believe is important for you to do some research about your own health condition, on the drugs you are taking (drugs come with some of the side effects written on the papers that come inside the box). Also is important for you to know that there is something called holistic medicine, which uses healthier drugs and a healthier medicine.

I have the same problem,  but I masturbated from 20-50 or more times a day on my puberty and now on my 37 age from 2-10 times a day. Sometimes it gets to the point where if I masturbate when I have urine left on me, I will feel this burning sensation for around 20 minutes.

If you want this to stop, go to a place where prostitution is legal, maybe Las Vegas, maybe another country. Pay money to have sex, and try to keep a healthy habbit of having sex at least once a month. As much as masturbation feels good and its cheaper than sex, to have a partner is also important, even if it means having to pay for it.

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OMG! I’m so glad I found this community. Please accept me: I’m a 36 yr old male with severe frequency. I haven’t had a solid, consistent 8 hours of sleep since 26. I get up about every 2 hours to urintate drops. It’s about the same during the day, but I have more control and can usually hold it if I have to. But lately, it feels like I have to go every 20 minutes!!! It’s driving me absolutely crazy. Totally indentify with suicidal thoughts – even though I see the potential of enjoying life.

I’ve been to 4 urologists over the last ten years, had 2 urodynamics tests and a cystoscopy. I’ve taken Flomax, Tamsulosin and Vesicare – all of which did nothing. My last urologist told me he saw nothing wrong with prostate or bladder. He just said I have a functional disorder and that I’ll have to retrain my brain.

I masturbate about 3-4 times a week if I’m lucky. As of two months ago, I was a pretty frequent drinker, pot smoker and coffee drinker. I’ve quit all 3 and have been eating healthier and exercising when I can. The lack of sleep has been ruining my life. I work in television as an editor, so I sit a lot and have to focus intensely. I’m begninning to think I won’t be able to do my job if this problem persisits.

As mentioned in the thread, my pelvic floor muscles are probably all screwed up.
Sometimes I feel my groin area twitching or vibrating. It’s quite unnerving. There’s no serious pain when I urinate, it’s just this mild burning sensation in that area that tells my brain it’s time to pee. My bladder could definitely store more urine, it’s just that I have to release what’s in there to feel comfortable. It’s the discomfort of having to go all the time that’s ruining my life.

I’m going to reread this whole thread and write down everyone’s suggestions.
If anyone could shed any more light on what has worked and what hasn’t…that would be wonderful. I hope that everyone is doing better and has the strength to get through this.

Peace, Love and no more pissing all the time! UGH!
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Even i had the same problem but got completely cured..........if you want I can help u................
please tell me how can you help me i have the same problem no pain nothing else i just feel everytime that i have to pee nothing else so please help me...
Akash r u there. Whats your email
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