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prilosec and IC

This is very strange and maybe just a fluke but tonight I took a Prilosec otc and within about an hour my IC symptoms had subsided and are still gone now  4 hrs later......could there really be a connection????
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I don't think it's a fluke. I take prilocec for ic too.
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Yes! Not a fluke. I take tums for flares. Because of their high alkaline levels they neutralize the urine and therefore the urine is less irritating to the bladder. I'm about to go get some prilosec.
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An internist prescribed proposed for my cousin years ago. Immediately relieved her symptoms.
Prilosesc, not proposed.
This is a very old thread and none of the previous posters are active on the forum any more.  It's unlikely any of them will respond.  

It's possible that Prilosec can soothe the bladder due to its alkalinity.  Liquid aloe can also help - at least, it helps me...
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