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urinate often, penis soften before erection, masturbated too often

I have a problem of urinate too often from last 9 years. Doctor told me i have Overactive Bladder. I had no physical relation before. Last year, in October i started masturbate like 4-6 times in a day. One day i was masturbating more than one hours. When my semens come i stop masturbation. But suddenly i stopped for coming semens but force was too hard too stop then i couldn't stop. Then my erection come. But after that day i lost my strong erection power and my penis gets soften before erection. What should i do? Help me.
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There are medications that can be used to help control over active bladder symptoms.  Did your doctor give you anything to help with that?

The problem with your erection could be an issue with the prostate, or some other problem.  You should see your doctor and have them check to make sure everything is working like it should.  
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Doctor gave me some medicines (mirabegron etc). Doctor told me to drink 2500mL water every day. But when i drink, every hour i need to go to toilet but there is one improvement i can hold pee more time than before. Before i can't even hold pee for 10min, burns inside. But now i can hold pee for  more than 35min. I don't know what to do? What should i do? My life is ruining. It makes me more depressed. One year ago when i had no erection problem(Though I had Overactive Bladder) i used to masturbate everyday but if i stop masturbate for 2/3 days i used to get wet dreams. But now last one year i just got one wet dream. What should i do no? It's hampering my study from last 7/8 years.
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