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Bloating,Gas,nausea, back pain,

I've been diagnosed with Ibs since years now, moderate to severe over the years. I've had a lot!!!! Of visits to the ER as well. I've seen my share of GI Drs. Took scope test,blood,X-rays etc etcetera  bottom line Drs tell me " you have IBS go home watch your diet, rest relax, eat right and WHEN YOU GET AN ATTACK? Take such and such meds.  HELLO I DON'T WANT TO HAVE ANY ATTACKS! They prescribed Latino and I've tried  RF Plus Fiber , then they told me to stop the fiber, then I went on a gluten free diet, the Dr told me to stop because my test came back negative and I don't need to stay away from gluten, now he gave me a new pill  Hyoscyamine take ONLY IF AND WHEN YOU GET AN ATTACK.... Again ..... I'm sick and tired of  "Being sick and tired" I've lost my normal life to this, I'm a single mom with an only child who's sweet as they come and very understanding of my jinx situation. I'm blessed with her in my life and yet jinxed with this sickness that I cannot do the things I want to do with my daughter because I'm always "sick"

If anyone has any info on what to do, try,take, exparament,ANYTHING!!!!! Please post it. I'm willing to try any or all. Thanks!
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Pony818. Welcome to the forum.

I'm so sorry about your suffering.
It breaks my heart that the conventional medical system, has no
good answers for such conditions, leaving people like you suffering for what
it seems an entire lifetime!

OK now. let's see how this can be helped.
First, since you are vulnerable, you must exercise caution when it comes to suggestions from anybody, including any suggestions from me.
I will do my best to offer you useful safe advice but you must do your own
research, ask questions, verify the validity of any statements and then if you feel comfortable, then you may consider trying new things.

So here's what I will ask you to consider checking/doing.

1. Dr. Coca's Pulse Test. Free (public domain) download.
This test will indicate any allergies/reaction/intolerance to anything ingested food or drink, that your body considers offensive, including delayed or hidden reactions.

2. Search on YouTube : Saliva test for candida. This must be ruled out!

3. Leaky Gut Syndrome (Intestinal permeability) A simple urine test (PEG). Unfortunately it is not a diagnosis taught in medical schools, so you need to insist your doctor to order it, or go to a holistic doctor or ND.

4. Do a Hypo-allergenic Diet or Elimination Diet. Just look it up.

5. Look into the benefits of Coconut Oil. (extra virgin and organic is what I have been consuming for years!) It is anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasitic
and anti-microbial and it causes NO inflammation when used in cooking, unlike ALL other cooking oils, as it is not affected by the heat in cooking.
You may visit the coconut research center website for more details.

6. Manage your stress better. Just the way you feel, is enough to cause extra stress, so it becomes a vicious cycle. I KNOW what it is like!

Look into EFT ( emotional freedom techniques) free manual download.
It involves tapping with your fingers on some acupressure points, simple yet very effective!
If you can afford the fees of a good Hypnotherapist, consider
it seriously, but only if you go for a bundle of 5-6 sessions.
Most people opt for only one, don't experience results, and never go back.
It takes longer time to reach the root of the issue on hand and sometimes it is HIDDEN very deeply or new issues surface!

7 Consider meditating every day for at least 15 minutes.
Try conscious breathing for meditation.
It is just wonderful once you get into it!
But like everything else, it has to be incorporated into one's schedule and
done daily, till it becomes part of daily routine.
Well worth it and without any cost!

8. Take out of your diet anything artificial, sodas, including anything diet, packaged foods, sweets including made with artificial sugars, junk foods,
multi-ingredient foods
and stick only with fresh, if possible organic, fruits and vegetables, some grass fed/ pastured meat, free range chicken and eggs, fresh low mercury cold water fish and of course consider coconut oil, some nuts and legumes
and very little whole grains. You may have to readjust after the aforementioned tests #1 & #4.

There are more tests and suggestions, but I don't want to overwhelm you.

Please let me know if you need any further details and of course
to give an update if you decide to go ahead with some of the above, so I can offer you further insight and suggestions.

You can message me anytime if you prefer.

And you need to believe you can do this.
You are stronger than what you think! Really!

Note that this is not a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes!

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