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Help me for My stomach issue

I'm from India, my age is 18. I have a problem that my stomach pains in left side. I did not notice any kind of bleeding since 2 years bit before that i had bleeding when i had typhoid fever along with low platelets count.

I have also noticed mucus in my stool which was transparent. I feel a pressure of pooping generally after taking meals, sometimes feels like diarrhea. unformed stool has gone common to me. I feel fullness and i also sometime do not feel appetized. I had done USG whole abdomen which was completely normal. I take Montelukast LC regularly because i have problem of sneezing too much. and one more thing sometime i felt my butt from anal area i vibrating and tingling quite often.

Please tell me about it, i'm literally confused what to do with it..
could it be cancer ??
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Your left side pain could be "DIVERTICULITIS" and although Flagyl and Cipro will help
with the pain, I suggest you get a colonoscopy to rule out anything else. Good luck!
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