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IBS or other disease?

Hi I am a 22 year old male and For about a month and a half now I’ve been having weird bowel movements, this all started after a big meal on Easter then having diarrhea the next day and then constipation the day after, and it kind of flip flopped for the week. Now I do have pretty bad health anxiety I put myself through stress and low grade panic attacks frequently when thinking about all the things that could be wrong with my health. I’ll have bouts of normal, pretty big stools and then constipated little stools. I don’t really have abdominal pain, I am kind of gassy every now and then. Now the stool itself recently especially has been more yellow and there’s visible mucus on the stool. When my anxiety is up I do go to the bathroom more frequently so maybe it’s yellow because it’s moving too fast through my colon? I am not sure now last week I did have a very large bowel movement then a few hours later I have a (sorry for how gross this may sound) burning fart while on the toilet and it was just mucus and there was some blood in the mucus. Haven’t had this sense and only had it once. If someone can give me some info that would be great, thank you.
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having a similar problem, did you find a cure
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