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IBS triggered by medication

Hello friends!
I am 31, male, and about Three years ago (May 2012), I had an injection of a medication called Rocephin (generic name: Ceftriaxone) that didn’t go well. The medication did cure a Urinary Tract Infection quickly, but it left me with damages that I still suffer today.
The injection was followed by:
1) Strong Headache and altered bowel habits(sometimes constipation, but later diarrhea)
2) Taking any kinds of foods results in rapid heart rate(>100bpm) and increase in blood pressure(15/9)
I went back to see the doctor, and he told me that my inflammation levels were a little bit high (ESR=40), and there were signs of allergy in my blood, but he did not prescribe any medication.
My condition did not improve, and January 2015 I decided to have a full body checkup. The results were:
-Heart: ECG, Holter: Normal
- Liver : normal AST,ALT
-Thyroid: Normal T3, T4, TSH
-Kidney: normal
- Blood: FBC shows increase in lymphocytes, CRP: normal, ESR: high (40)
-Gastroscopy: normal
-Colonoscopy: Biopsies taken because “There were scattered erythematous spots in the rectum and sigmoid and a few erythematous spots were noted in the transverse colon” and Biopsies results: “mucosal biopsies with no specific lesion”
-Final diagnosis: Functional dyspepsia and irritable bowel syndrome.
Friends, I need your advice of what to do next. When I take breakfast, my heart rate and blood pressure go up for like 6 hours that day! When eat nothing for the day, I’m alright!

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I believe my ESR is elevated too. It was 55 when my ordeal started. Pain, infection and inflammation can all raise heart rate.
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I am also experiencing increased heart rate after developing IBS and inflammation in my digestive system. My heart rate increases to about 110 after mild exertion and stays there for hours. The inflammation and pain in the body can cause the heart rate to increase.
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