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Mildest of spicy food causes immense amount of trouble

Whenever I have spicy food, no matter how mild it may be, the next day it causes painful, burning and agonizing bowel movements. The stools are not solid and are watery, sometimes in small lumps. It causes a lot of pain in the lower abdominal region with cramps. The most painful part is passing them as it burns the anal & rectal region like no other pain, it burns ! It leads to almost 5-6 bowel movements and causes pain & discomfort of horrible order.

Why is this happening, are my intestines very weak ? Has it got to do with the Leaky Gut Syndrome. Are my bowels more permeable to food and hence spicy food absorbs more quickly causing even more pain.
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Hi, it is difficult to predict how the bowels react to different substances. They could be over sensitive to spicy food. This is generally referred to as a trigger. This varies for individuals. Certain food items are known to aggravate the symptoms; in your case, the spicy food. Try to avoid the same. In general, too much fat or sugar-like substances and insufficient fiber aggravate symptoms. Intolerance to milk products is also known. So, try to avoid triggering factors. Choose a more relaxed approach to your problem and treat your symptoms as and when they occur. Regards.
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Ok, so its a trigger. I was never like this before and could have spicy food normally. as it got anything to do with the bowel lining being weak.

Also, do you mean to say that what symptoms happen to me could happen to those who have intolerance to sugar and cause burning BM's when eating sugary items...
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