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Need help

Woke up again at 3:15 AM sick as a dog, stomach ache, bloating, lower abdominal pain.  Nothing I take helps and is about daily now. Started Clonidine last night and worse today.  What is being missed??
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Are you consipated? Or have been diagnosed w IBS? Ibprohen, zantac help me greatly..but.my doc has also put me on a anti spasmatic med..r u throwing up or just hurting?
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Plus if u are take a laxative to get going then two stool softners a day to stay regular its what I do..
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They don't know. IBS and motility dusorder. Had reaction to zlevsin. Wanted me to start Prozac and Clonidine.  Took a half of one last night, sick as hell again today.
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Ah man..well I had some reactions when I started my meds too...they say they go away but some never did so I was switched many times
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Have tried to stick with the Clonidine for 6 days now and my BP and heart rate have been ok.  I am usually on the low side.  Tried skipping the Prozac yesterday but can't say that made a difference.  Actually, I am noticing no difference. Still waking up during the night with stomach grumbling, stomach ache then nausea.  :-(  
Have yet another appt at Stanford on Friday with another specialist, who I find out afterward that she trained under the doctor that diagnosed this!!!  I hope she can give me an unbiased opinion on her own or there goes another wasted 2-3 hour trip one way to the Bay area.
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Margot,  please read my post from Feb 28th about dairy.  I too had the same rude awakening with gut pain  so bad and diarrhea for years.  I can't believe no one has replied. Milk/dairy and it's derives is in 70% of all packaged foods. I eat now like 20—30 years ago.  Fresh Meat fruit and veg. I cook for me.
Try reading everything and eat only fresh for 2 weeks and see if your stomach settles down. Go to websites to find out what lactose is in.  If you are lactose intolerant you get these symptoms cause your body does not have enough lactose in sml intestine to break down lactose in these products. Let me know.
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