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Not sure if that's what she has

My daughter (13) was diagnosed with IBS within the last 2 years.  From my reading on the subject, I don't think she has that:  she doesn't have any bowel issues such as constipation, diarrhea, or an easing of the discomfort after having a bowel movement.  Her main complaints are constant pain in the abdomine, fatigue, and, on occasion, headaches.  She gets flare ups through out the year but both this year and last year the worst has come at the beginning of school which leads me to believe it's more anxiety related than physical.  Right now she has missed about 12 days of school because she feels she can't make it a day at school because of the pain.  Any other ideas what she might have?
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My oldest child was recently diagnosed with CSID-- which right now is considered rare, but since her brother's diagnosis in 2005, the number of children diagnosed has nearly tripled. My oldest is now 15, but has suffered from what the doctors said was 'stomache flu' for years. She rarely notices severe symptoms unless she really over does it in the area of sugars and starches. You may want to try eliminating or reducing the amount of sugars and starches your daughter eats. If she starts feeling better, slowly add back small portions of the food you have eliminated. It is a tedious process, but if you can pinpoint which foods are causing then problem, then perhaps you can convince her doctor to conduct further testing. I also have information about several digestive support supplements which can help her system-- things most doctors do not know about, but which have been very helpful to our whole family in relieving stomache pain associated with foods we have eaten.

Hope that helps you some!
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Hi I was diagnosed with IBS in 91 just after my daughter was born, I had no diarrhea or constipation just terrible pains in my stomach, over the years i have had really bad bouts of it maybe 3 or 4 times a year still without dia or consti, the main factor of ibs is stress and anxiety, so learn to controll the source and you will controll the pain, also some foods will irritate it so try as hard as it is to elliminate foods, is your daughter on any meds? I always find when i get bad pains a hot water bottle is a god send, i have lost count of how many days off work i have had because of this, hope this helps a bit....
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I was diagnosed with IBS but I don't believe I have it.  I think doctors use IBS as an excuse to the fact they don't have a clue what is going on.  I do not suffer diarrea or constipation.  I have stomac pain and bloating.  I feel like I am carring around a basket ball, or pregnat.  I am hungry but I cant eat much because my stomach feels like its going to pop.  My stomac feels full constantly, it's weight pulls and feel like it is taring inside.  I have had both both upper and lower probes and nothing was found.  Basicly they said I was suffering from depression.  My Shrink says my symptions are not mental but obviously physical.  So what is wrong?  I have lost confidence with the doctors in my area.  My Shrink told me to do some research online and bring my findings to the next doctor (because they are to lazy to research them selves).  Please help.
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