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Possible IBS

Hello! I am hoping you all can help me. I had a baby 7 months ago and since then i have been to the ER 12 times with panic attacks/anxiety. Well, after wearing a 30 day event monitor they captured Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia and SVT, so i am on medication for that, plus i take .125 mg of klonopin a day. Recently i have switched jobs and within the last couple of weeks i have had bouts of very loose stools within an hour after i eat. They are yellow in color and mucousy. Its like my stomach cramps really bad, i go to the bathroom and i am fine except i feel drained and my stomach is sore afterwards. Could this be IBS? Do any of you have the same symptoms? I know there is definately a change in me because i use to be VERY constipated all the time, so for me to go more than once a week is a miracle! Now, i go every day sometimes twice a day. I had an EGD done back in July and blood work done, but all was ok, just a very very small hiatal hernia.
Just wondering if i could possible have IBS now and if so, how can they tell? Can they do labs or would a colonooscopy show it?
THANK YOU for any replys!!
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As far as your loose stools are concerned, i have been having the same problem, always had a problem going often, because of my nerves, but since i came down with anxiety and was put on lexapro, my stools are much more loose, it is rare for me in the morning to have a solid movement, i am taking questron lite powder twice a day for the past 13 years since my gallbladder was removed because i had loose stools all the time and it has given me my life back, but now that i am taking the lexapro, it has made life a little more unstable, as far as stomach cramps and feeling drained, everytime i have bad bowel movements, my system is drained and my stomach is weak and sore and burning and sensitive, it takes alot out of me.  Talk to your doctor about the medication you are taking and about the bathroom situation, i think there is a link.  good luck.

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