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chronic bloating and constipation

For the past 4-6 months I wake up feeling great. I have breakfast every morning around 7am.  Around 2 pm everyday i become extremely bloated.  It is such a discomfort. The upset is that my bowel movements used to be awesome! Now they're irregular: diarreah, constipation, normal.  My diet consists of fruits, veggies, high fiber cereals, fish, chicken, and cookies and cakes occasionally. But everyone agrees that my diet is excellent.  Anyway, I noticed this began only when I would eat oatmeal [which is something I used to do on a daily basis], but now it's with anything I eat.  I did renew-life's 7 day total body cleanse that killed the bloating for 3 days.  I did a miracle MMS treatment for 2 days that also killed the bloating for those days. but after stopping the use both things, the bloating continued.  After seeing my doctor, he said that my colon and large intestine were completely full so he suggested these laxatives and stool softeners that too eliminate the bloating, but i stopped taking them because i don't want my body to depend on it, thus causing the bloating to return.  My next step is a salt water flush.  I'd love some advice.
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