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Diagnosed with a 4mm kidney stone. need to clarify some points.

I was recently diagnosed with a kidney stone last week measuring 4mm in the proximal ureter with mild hydronephrosis, i had some flank-groin-back pain and also some trouble urinating (burning and too much effort with low volume). I finished my ultrasound that showed the prescence of this stone in the right kidney.
reading most of the posts on the net, i was mentally preparing myself to face the worst pain ever and am in a state of anxiety.
The doctor said that most of them tend to pass on its own and kept me on observation for a week. He prescribed flomax and potassium citrate till then.
Now ever since i have started the medication, the groin-flank has kind of subsided, but only it only burns after i urinate and i feel a fullness in the lower abdomen (where the bladder is) after i urinate. The urine output is also quite low.
Does this mean the stone is still in the ureter or about to enter the ureter or is this the calm before the storm?
i am contemplating uterescopy as i have heard too many shocking details about the pain that one has to endure. Your responses are valued and appreciated
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I also have a 4mm kidney stone. Have had it in the left kidney for 2 years. Went mountain biking the other day and it got lodged in the Ureter. IT about killed me. I went to the ER thinking I had a ruptured appendix. This was a week ago and I'm still in pain. The stone has not moved and I've gotten too sick to hold down any fluids. Normally I pass these without much problem but this one is terrible. So Lithrotripsy and a stent for me tommorow. I was hoping when this stone did move it would calmly go about it's way WRONG!! Good Luck!
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Just Last night I too had severe flank pain in my left side...my first thought was bad gas pain however after an hour it did not go away...I went to the ER and after 3 hours of waiting I finally got to triage..the pain was ridiculous...I am a 34yr old male 6'3 and about 200 pounds...I have always thought of myself as tough...not tonight...I was in tears by the time I got to Traige...fortunaley the nurse knew exactly what my pain was...and after a CT they confirmed a 4mm kidney stone in my ureter...as well as a few more in each kidney ranging from 3mm-4mm..basically they gave me pain medication and flowmax and told me to follow up with a urologist...since I have been home I have passed what i thought was a boulder and three other smaller ones...in the last 6 hours...everytime I get comfortable and finally feel "relaxed" my side begins to hurt again and the whole process starts all over...so far 4 times and I dont think I am done as I am having pains in my side again...This is one of the worst pains I have ever had...the one thing i can tell you and the reason i wrote back to you is...once Its out its RELIEF....unless you have more...I was thinking I was going to be done with it after the first large one...and it was heaven when it was out...but within the next 45 minutes the pain in my side came back and double....everytime i have passed one it has been heaven and relief afterwards...so hopefully if you only have the one you will get total relief once it is out that is what the doctor at the ER told me....good luck I was also told in the ER 5mm is not passable but 4mm and below are able to be passed...just thought I would pass that along....
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Yes most of the time 4mm stones pass easily  you are VERY lucky to be passing them so easily. Mine take days to weeks. Had surgery yesterday and they were unable to dislodge my 4mm stone stuck in the ureter. They did however put in a stent to allow my kidney to drain properly. They said I have very small Ureters. I'm a 5'8 130 pound female. I think alot of it depends on your own anatomy. I have two more in my right kidney that are really small so hopefully will pass without much trouble....good luck
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I also have a 4 mm stone lodged and now I'm scheduled for surgery on Friday so they can go in break it up with a laser pull it out an put a stent in for a week. I've had ot for a month now and have had to be rushed to the hospital because I was in such bad pain I was crying and couldn't stand it, it took 2 shots of deladen to calm me down but now I can't wait for Friday lol
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I was diagnosed with an 11 mm, yes! 11 mm kidney stone!  took 2 procedures to get it down to 4 mm, but now it's back in my right kidney where they shoved it to laser it. I just had my stent removed after having the damn thing for a month, that thing causes so much discomfort especially when standing or walking. Hope I will be able to pass this stone without much pain.  Missed like 8 days of work in a month because of doctors appointments and surgery.  Still not out of the woods yet!  
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I have to consider myself somewhat of a kidney stone expert...I've passed over 50 of the buggers. All of mine have been 5mm or smaller. The golden rule is that anything under 5mm you can pass without surgery.. anything over 5mm usually requires lithotripsy or surgery and if they are exactly 5mm then it depends on your body. I have passed every one of them on my own and its painful and it ***** but YOU WILL BE FINE. Like anything, the most power you have lies in your mind. Don't let things you read online freak you out. A 5 mm stone hurts like a mother and you need to drink TONS of water - this dialates the ureter tube and allows the stone to pass through a larger tube. No alcohol or caffeine. Heat is your best friend. I kid you not, I have passed stones miniture golfing - its a state of mind. I refuse to let them ruin my life. They suck, they hurt, they make you feel so tired and weak... but after they pass its the biggest relief ever! After all these little buggers I was diagnosed today with a 9mm in my left kidney and a 16 mm in my right!!! Off to surgery for me now :( Good luck, stay hydrated and don't be afraid of that pain medicine!
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