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What is the relation between chest pain and kidney stones?

I was in the ER not too long ago for pain from my kidney stones and the PA (I think that's what he was...) told me that I needed to go back if I experienced chest pain and shortness of breath.  Well, I did, and stupid me didn't go back to the ER, but I was over an hour and a half away...but anyway.  I've been trying to look online for any sort of correlation between the two, and I haven't been having any luck.  I was wondering if someone could tell me why they're related?
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I read your post, but I'm not sure ................a friend of mine had that happen when she developed an infection from a stone not passing .. but I am only a patient and not a Dr.  You could call the # they left on the ER papers and ask them anytime.  That is what I'd do.

Cheryl (calcium oxalate stones with MSK - medullary sponge kidney)
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How are you? Kidney stone pain is often associated with low back pain and abdominal pain. Kidney stones, especially those in the left kidney, can also cause significant amounts of nausea and even vomiting. As the stone moves further down the ureter toward the bladder, the pain often radiates in the groin and genital areas. In men, the pain may radiate to the scrotum. In women, the pain may radiate to the labia or even the vagina.

Regarding your chest pain, causes maybe cardiac in origin or not, but not from kidney stones. But if you experience this, it is important that you seek medical help for proper evaluation. You can read more about this through this link: http://www.emedicinehealth.com/chest_pain/page2_em.htm#Chest%20Pain%20Causes

I hope this helps. Take care and keep us posted.
I had to kidney stones while back and they were very painful having surgery removed I have another discomfort on my left side in the back and front that riding up to my heart and to my back shoulder blade on the left side and it making my head numb I went to the ER Saturday night and they told me I was a king that's a kidney stone that passed and I got to say they're not moving gave me some muscle relaxers and told me I was in spasms and that's it it's been going on for 8 days now and I don't know my heart is hurting right now I called them they said it was caused by the kidney stones I don't know I ain't been in no pain it just discomfort my first two kidney stones was painful and I only lasted 2 or 3 days this is been over
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