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kidney stones

I am having 5mm calculus in my right kidney in the mid pole.
I want to know is it possible to get it out by surgarrey?
or what are such ways to make it pass through?

thx Dr
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Hi, if it is giving you trouble; one might think of getting it passed through otherwise it will come down on its own later some time. Other way out is lithotripsy. For more information visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithotripsy

For the time being just have plenty of fluids, beer and antibiotic like ciprofloxacin along with pain killers like diclofenac will be sufficient.
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thx Dr
My problem is that i am 20 years old and i applayed for being a pilot in the emirates airlines, i passed all the exams but they asked me to get rid of the kidney stones and i got like one month as a chance. thats why i am in a hurry.

please please Dr any advis that my help me to get rid of it in such short time??
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