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microscopic blood in urine and kidney lesion

I've had kidney infections and recurrent UTIs.  I am a 25 yr. Old female.  After being treated for a UTI I still had microscopic hematuria with no sign of infection.  My primary doc ordered an ultrasound which showed hydronephrosis in the right kidney.  The urologist confirmed the microscopic hematuria once more, did a cystoscopy (which was fine) and ordered a CT scan.  The CT scan showed no hydronephrosis but did show a lesion that is too small to characterize.  Also there were three lesions on my.liver and calcification and trace free fluid.  The urologist didn't answer a single question I had.  Told me its probably a cyst since half the.population over 50 has them, even though I'm only 25.  he told me to return in six months for an ultrasound even though the first ultrasound I had didn't even see this.lesion.  My mom got diagnosed with stage three brain cancer at 45.  I have no grandparents left at all because they have all passed away from various cancers.. Breast, colon, esophagus.  I'm really worried especially because of the hematuria.  I think six months is a long time to wait but this Dr. wouldn't even talked to me.  He left without even giving me my blood work info.  Does this sound concerning to anyone else?
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I understand your concern regarding your hematuria. Microscopic hematuria  could be due to a variety of issues and further evaluation usually helps identify the definite cause.  Monitoring of the lesion is indeed  done to evaluate  any change in size or shape. While six month is a long time to wait, this will show definite change. Seeking another specialist's opinion may also be done especially if you are not comfortable with the previous doctor. Hope this helps.Take care and do keep us posted.
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Thank you very much for your response back.  I've since had an abdominal MRI and found out that I have a cyst on my kidney which is hemorrhagic, which would explain the hematuria.  Both the MRI and CT scan suggest hepatomegaly with my liver measuring 20cm along the midclavicular line.  The lesions on the liver are not typical of hemangiomatas but strongly support benign etiology such as a atypical hemangiomatas or adenomas.  Given my age and no personal history of malignancy, malignant abnormalities are felt to be unlikely.  The findings are SIGNIFICANT and a follow up MRI is recommended in six months.  I have an appt with my primary doctor next week and will be able to further discuss this with him.  However, I am extremely anxious and dont know what to make of this.  Given the extensive cancer family history I dont know how they can feel so sure that the findings are benign.  And the enlargment of my liver scares me.  I dont drink often and when I do its no more then three beers.  I have felt very nausious and fatigued lately but I was attributing that to stress (with my mothers cancer and having two small children at home).  I'm not sure what the next step my doctor chooses will be.  I suppose I'll find out next week.
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