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Stent in for over a year

Last April (2012) I was hospitalized with a kidney infection that was caused by a stone the size of an m&m blocking up my plumbing. While in the hospital a Urologist placed a renal stent inside of me and said when the infection cleared, a lithotripsy would be done and the stent would be removed. I was discharged from the hospital after 4 days, with a scheduled  followup. I do not have insurance and the cost to finish the procedures are too high, so the Urologist has not seen me and here I am almost a year later and still have the stent in. It is affecting my comfort and quality of life. Aside from that are there any risks to having one in this long? I worry it will grow into my organs/tissue. Will I have permanent damage or pain/discomforts even after removal (whenever that will be)
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Yes, there is a significant risk of having the stent in this long.  Stents can become encrusted and occluded when left in this long and can actually block and PERMANENTLY damage your kidney.  They can be difficult to remove if they have been left in this long.  You need to get this stent out one way or another.
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*sorry timeframe on title is wrong
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