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Swelling left side of neck and bump under Jawline.

Thank you for any assistance you can all give me. First off, I have been having swelling on the left side of my neck for some time now. I have suspected that it was my wisdom teeth causing this because I have needed them pulled for some time now. My top wisdom teeth are decayed and falling apart(They are so hard to take care of!) and do occassionally have pain in them when I bite down on them. but the bottom ones are coming in really crooked and dont have any pain from them.  I have gone to the dentist and will be getting them pulled in 1 month. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I noticed a lump or bump under my Jawline on that same side. I instantly got worried about that but still thought it was my wisdom teeth causing this. I received antibiotics from my dentist and took them all as directed. But i dont see or feel any changes in the swelling. The lump is not painful, but I can feel the swelling in my neck, especially when I swollow. I have just scheduled an appointment with an Ear,Nose and neck doctor to see what it may be. I am just wondering what you all might think it is? Is it the wisdom teeth (tooth infection). Is it something more serious like cancer? Thank you for any information you can give me!

PS: I did used to smoke but have substituted cigarettes for vaping. I have been vaping for 5 years now. 23 M
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Hi, there's no reason to think that the symptoms are caused by anything except the teeth problem. I wouldn't worry.

Antibiotics don't always penetrate to where a deep infection is at. Or sometimes nodes just don't go back down as usual.
Thank you for your quick response,Ken! Should I worry about the lump? Any suggestions on what that might be?
Glad to help. No, don't worry.

A node can get scarring (fibrosis) in the inside which can take a very long time to go away.

Or an infection in the root canal area might be excreting chemicals that are causing an immune inflammatory reaction, as should happen.
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