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High WBC, Low lymphocytes

My 12yr old son had some blood work done in the ER, we were there due to some severe abdominal pain. They found nothing on the Cat-scan and could not explain the pain. After about six hours and vomiting once the pain in stomach did get better.
The ER Dr. told me that she was concerned about his labs and printed it off for me.
these are the things that are flagged

WBC 16.2 (H)
Segmented Neutrophils 92.1 (H)
Lymphocyte 3.7 (L)
Lymphocyte Absolute 0.6 (L)
Absolute Neutrophil 14.9 (H)

He has always been a super healthy kid. He seems to be feeling better however his appetite has decreased and he is very pale and seems to not be quite as energetic as normal. We just moved to a new town so I am in the process of finding a new Dr for him to see, so it may be a day or so before I can get him in for an appointment. Any advice that anyone could give me would be great. I am not sure how concerned I should be because I don't know what these labs mean.

Thank you so much
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My daughter is about the same age and has chronic low lymphocytes results when her blood is drawn. She was diagnosed about 7 years ago with Celiac Sprue, which is an autoimmune disorder. It took over a year to get her diagnosed. She would present with abdominal pain and vomiting, especially in the early a.m. hours (4-6a.m.). Once the vomiting stopped she would feel better. She would also run high fevers during the epsidoes of abdominal pain and vomiting which would return to normal after about 4-6 hours. I had her to the clinics and ER's almost 16 times in 3 months and actually had a physician tell me to "calm down, it's just a virus."  She was 5 years old at the time.  Finally, one trip to the ER she was evaluated for appenditicitis because of the severe abdominal pain and high fever. When her labs came back, the surgeon said there was no way it could be appendicitis because of her low lymph. I broke down and started to tell him the ER physician the past year's path we had taken and they finally sent us to our state's Children's Hospital where she had a work up and was found to have Celiac Sprue. It is a life changing condition, but a huge relief as once she started on a gluten free diet she was a different child within a few days.  I would ask for your son to be evaluated for celiac disease or other auto-immune disorders.  Thanks, A Mom whose been there.
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The WBC is high meaning two things either infection or leukemia, lymphoma.

Since your son had severe abdominal pain an enlarge spleen, or other inflamed organs can be explained by leukemia since he's young ALL.

Radiologist misread CT-Scans, MRI all the time just because it's not subttle doesn't mean it's not there.

go to the doctor and ask for a CBC and Chem 7, along with a blood smear. If those come back unnormal have the doctor do a Bone Marrow Biopsy, and a new CT-Scan of abdomin, chest, and head; along with a regular chest x-ray.

Try not to worry that much it could be nothing so ask the doctor for every imaginable test to be administered to see and diagnose with a doubt what it really is.
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P.S. if your son developed bruises, a rash petechiae, has severe pain, or a high fever 100.5 or higher. take him to the doctor right away I hope its nothing but if it is cancer the sooner the diagnoses is made the better for the prognosis and treatment options. I recieved a Bone Marrow Transplant after 3 relapses of Acute Myleocytic Leukemia and have been in remission for over 5 years

But I had some of the symtoms you describe look at Platelete count usualy labeled PLT in the lap work if it is below 150 labeled then it probably is leukemia

example WBC 17 and PLT 40
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hi iv just been two the doctors four my full blood count reasults four the second time in two weeks the first test was 13.6 which is high four white sell count the second test i got results four today was 14.9 so its gone up quit alot in a week the doctor check my ear thrut chest water every thing was fine so havent got infections the doctor is sendin me up the hospital tomorrow four more test a scan xray anoughter full blood count its the neutrophia thats high its sopost to be 4 to 11 and mines 14.9 please help whats wrong with me
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hi, it sounds like just an infection, though the site of the infection isn't known yet.

WBC of 15 isn't super high.

The neutrophils are the first soldiers in your immune system to go to war against bacteria or fungus.

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neutrophils is  0.51-0.67  mine is 0.75
lymphocyte 0.25 - 0.33 mine is 0.25
my rbc is low
what does this mean??
ive been diagnose of ptb
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My  son  is  3 turning  4  in  december . for  the  past  year  or  he   has  had  enlarged  lymphnodes  to  one  side  of  his  neck  when  i  told  the  dr  can  that  be  a sign  of  lymphoma   she   believed  the  lymph  nodes  have  to  bee  much  larger  and immovable  but  he  has  low  grade  fever   when  he  sleeps  he  has   night  sweats  from  since  he was  born , and  he  has  itchy  skin am i  over reacting or  should  i take  him  to a different  dr  for a  second opnion ?
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hi, it's likely something other than lymphoma, but another opinion wouldn't hurt

sorry I can't be of more help

btw, is the itching severe?
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I was wondering about the whole white cell count thing. For almost a year my wbc count has been 13 give or take, neutrophils are high and lymphocytes are low. Gran, absolute is 8.8 (high). I havent been feeling well at all. I was given all differant types of antibiotics and anti inflammitory meds. They say it is not an infection. I had a spinal tap about a month ago and my white cell count in there was 18 (critically high) neutrophils 37 (high) and lymphocytes low and monocytes low. the color was pink. They said it wasnt meningitis. I have a severe headach and stiff neck that wont go away. I just feel so horrible. If anyone knows what this might mean please let me know. Also i have had high protein in my blood for a couple years. Please help. Thank you so much!!!!!
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Now my white cell count jumped up to 22 and my lymphocytes is only 5. Doc is sending me to a hematologist. So even more concerned now. Anyone with answers please let me know. Thanks!
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Hi, if it's not the result of any medication you're taking, then possibly it's due to:

- an infection
- hormones. Are you under sever stress lately? Cortisol can do that to cell counts, but I don't know if it can have such a large effect (like prednisone can)
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As soon my DD turned one year old. Dr suggested us a routine blood work.
and the report came out all got except the wbc count to be little high 13.6, where the range is 9-11.4.

She did not have any cold, no fever,no infection. Dr suggest to do a Blood work after a month. I am worried is everything ok with my DD. what can be the reason for high WBC. Please help I am worried do i need to run test for lukemia,or any other..
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Hi, i have posted on another forum re my daughters illness, she was admitted to hospital due to abnormal blood counts.   high wbc, think it was 24000, low neutrophils of 0.3 and low platelets.The doctors told us leukemia or mono. It turns out the doctors think she has mono and had it severe enough to make her neutropenic. It is always better to be safe than sorry and I feel for you, I am also still worried about my daughter as her symptons are persisting although she is no where near as ill as she has been.But just wanted to reassure you that lots of virus's or infections can cause the same alarm call. Good luck and let us know how u go on, I am hoping it is a virus and keeping my fingers crossed for u
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and my daughters platelets were well below 150- people please dont assume that this is leukemia and scare the person to death. "platelet below 150 in the lab is labelled as leukmia" is nonsense
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Thanks jocro37,
I will wait for one month and keep my mind cool. After a month will do test again.and will surely will let you all know about it. Dr sugeested its not to high..as range is 3-4 to 11.4 and my DD has 13.6. So it can be any infection. I will wait till the next lab tests are done and have my result with me.

Crossing my fingers and praying.
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I'm extremely surprised of how carelessly you recommend this child be subjected to yet another abdominal ct scan and other x-rays of which radiation will accumulate in his body and be with him for the rest of his life. Read some of the studies coming out of UCSF in 2009 and other research findings showing the radiation received from 2 abdominal scans to an adult result in a the potential for "moderate cancer." Excessive testing can end up killing this kid.
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my daughter has a wbc of 24.2 she is 8 she has had stomach pain for 5 weeks mutiple coughs colds flus and other infections over the past 8 weeks she keeps getting sick her neutrophils are 21.4 and lymphs 0.9 no sign of appendix swollen lymphs in abdomen. has had many fevers over past few weeks has done better since er visit other than leg pain and headache go back in tomorrow what could this be
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Hi, I think it would be very unlikely a leukemia, because a leukemia in neutrophils (neutrophilic myelogenous leukemia) would be very rare.

Far more likely would be an infection, from bacteria, or fungus or even a parasite. Those make the neutrophils go high to fight infection, and can make lymphocytes go low at the same time.

Maybe it's from something she swallowed. If not that, there are rare conditions such as 'periodic fever syndromes' to be aware of, which occur when the immune system just goes haywire.

5 weeks is a long time, but that's far better than her getting worse and worse. I'd ask on a childhood infectious diseases group. Children generally have stronger immune reactions anyway. Good luck tomorrow.
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What does a Lym of 40.8% and MRBC of 12.9% mean in a 51 year old man
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