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swollen glands and easily bruising

I am a 26 year old mother of 3 that is healthy besides i have moderate adhd.......I have noticed easy bruising and I have 2 lymph nodes swollen on back bottom of my head both right and left sides and also I have lymph nodes swollen in both sides of my neck......I have had the sweollen nodes for months now but just recently my husband and coworkers have noticed the ones in my neck when I turn my head......I do have fatigue and night sweats I also just started having a problem with bad acne only on my back? I never told anyone about my swollen nodes I just brushed it off as a small illness or virus......but now I am concerned since they seem to be getting larger and everyone is noticing them, I M A NURSE AND WORK WITH PATIENTS ALL THE TIME BUT NEVER REALLY DISCUSS MY PERSONAL PROBLEMS WITH THEM............does anyone know what this might be?   The bruising is not very dark it just seems if someone grabs or touches me their fingerprints show up the next day I currently have about 25 small tiny bruises on my leg.......I also have a 6 year old son who has easy bruising and also constant small headaches and he does have one pupil larger then the other, he has severe nose bleeds to where the daycare calls the squad........i wonder if our sxs could be related to some sort of condition or disease at all?
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maybe this

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Holly:  You need to get complete blood work.  You said you are a nurse.  I cannot believe you have not seen a doctor who would run all the tests to find out what is wrong with you.
None of this is normal.  Swollen lymph nodes and bruising are a indication that something is going on.
Please write back and let me know if anyone has done any extensive testing on you.
I have Leukemia, and I bruise easily.  I am not saying this is what you have,but have it checked out before it progresses.  Your very young with children to take care of.
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I know me nor my husband can believe I have not went yet....now I did have surgery in December where they competley reconstructed my ear drum and bones and before that I did have a full blood work up done.....I was never postponed for surgery nor did I get a call stating that my labs were abnormal.......I can tell you that most people in the medical field never go to the doctor right away when something is wrong......But I am going to get it in gear I am actually headed to the hospital where I had my PAT done for surgery and going to pick up a copy of my labs that were drawn in December 2010 so I have them to compare to now.......I am shooting on taking Friday off and heading to the doctor then....I am also 2.5 years late on my annual PAP and the last PAP I had was abnl....i am having alot of cervical cancer sxs now that I am reading up on that.....I will be sure to keep you posted as I find things out..........I have the worst luck with health now especially because i was severe gestational diabetic with my pregnancy and am now pre-diabetic.......which I do need a work up on that as well...
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I also was at work the other day and one of the physicians i work for walked past me and he actually noticed the lymph nodes swelled on the right side of my neck and he said turn around.....he felt the swollen glands and said "do you have any sinus congetion or had any infections lately? '  I told him no and he said "well that is VERY weird and really should be checked out ASAP"    I have also noticed my dark circles under my eyes are out of control and I am a lot more fatigued.....so I am heading to doctor ASAP maybe even urgent care this weekend.......and I ahve also notced lately that when I move at all I mean even the slightest movement a bone or joint will crack and pop very hard and loud....My back and my neck does this.....my toes my legs and arms and especially my knees....everyone always says gesh is that your body cracking?  so something is really not right and I have to have this checked for my children they need me at my best of health with them being only 6,4 and 2 years old!!
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What was the answer????
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