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submental lymp nodes.

hi experts.. i know you can help me about this.. i just wanna i ask u about my submental lymp node i have two in the right and left of my chin..  first time i notice that when i get into sore throat and its been 6months its not going normal.. when i touch its seem like a hard pea and its movable. its is normal or i have a disease ?? thx..
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Hello and welcome.  Well, first off let me just say that I don't really consider myself an "expert" per say, but several of us have some experience under our belts since we've either been through a cancer diagnosis ourselves or have had a loved one who has.

So you've had these enlarged nodes for about 6 months and it started out as a sore throat?  In my opinion, the nodes are reacting to an infection you had when your sore throat showed up.  Sometimes lymph nodes don't shrink all the way back down and you may just have residual nodes.  

There isn't a way that anyone can diagnose you via the internet and say for sure if you have a disease.  You should be seen in person by your doctor and let him (or her) make that call.  However, based on the description you gave, I wouldn't be too worried.  
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ty ... mochadeliciuos...
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