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High ALP, AST,ALT in LFT test?

Currently i am Suffering from Extreme Burping from last 5 years and i have two Hypoechoic area cyst in head of my epidydimis  which is doctors saying is a Cyst.

Yesterday  my doc conduct LFT test, CBC and Sugar test and all things came normal except
conjugated Bilirubin            0.62 mg/dl
A/g Ration                               1.29
SGOT                                 48.20 iu/l
SGPT                                   65.7 iu/l

Rest are normal like
Total bilirubin            0.92
I.D. Bilirubin             0.30
Total Protein            7.78
Albumin                   4.38
Globulin                   3.40

I did took antibiotics for pain in my cyst that is doxycycline 100mg for a week twice a day
i took omez capsule one strip and Ranitide 150 one strip when omez is finished.
2 tablet of ciproflocin hydrochroride 500mg for a day twice a day and discontinued after one day.

all medicine are prescribed by doc. I am alchohol free since feb 2013 and non veg eater occasionally

LFT test conducted after 5 days of discontinued of medicine.

I am 27 M , 6 Feet 4 inch and 106 KG with fat body.

May any one guide me what to expect? my current doc (homeopath ) saying not to worry drink plenty of water and avoid market food.

i am little worry about elevate alkaline phosphates.
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thanks dr. arti, i live in delhi btw.

yes i am seeking doctor but they didnt ref me for ultrasound yet.

one major problem i am facing is extreme burping and sometimes heartburn.

due to this i feel my throat start paining.

i will update soon.
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Hi there,
You seem to have mildly elevated hepatic enzymes and alkaline phosphatase.Mildly elevated ALP can be seen in infectious mononucleosis, bile duct obstruction, hepatitis, heavy alcohol consumption, and fatty liver. In fatty liver there is fat in the liver, along with inflammation and damage. Fatty liver due to alcoholism is called Alcoholic fatty liver disease and the other one is Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which is due to obesity, diabetes and high triglyceride levels. Only if fatty liver disease advances a person can develop cirrhosis .The process can stop and, in some cases, reverse on its own without specific therapy. Lifestyle changes may be helpful. You should refrain from taking alcohol, as this will cause further injury to the liver. Treat diabetes if present and control obesity and high triglyceride levels. Adopt lifestyle changes like weight reduction, exercise etc. An ultrasound will confirm whether you have fatty liver or not. Consult your doctor for more queries and assistance. I hope it helps.
Best wishes and kind regards!  
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