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Liver lesion 5.4cm atypical pain in upper right abdomen

I am a 43-year-old female, average weight, with a 5.4 cm lesion found in my liver after an ultrasound. Pain, bloating in upper and middle abdomen, diarrhea, no nausea or jaundice.  Liver is 15.3cm and the lesionis 2.8x4.5x5.4cm and is located in the medial right love of the liver. Quoting from the report, this is of heterogeneous attenuation with Regions of increased echogenicity primarily in the periphery with the center nearly isoechoic to the liver parenchyma.  It’s does not have the typical homogeneous echogenic pattern of an incidental hemangioma.  Gallbladder, kidneys, bile duck, all normal. Spleen is normal as well. They just did an MRI but I don’t have results just yet. Any thoughts on what I’m dealing with?
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Sorry of course that should have said lobe, not love
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Oh, and I do not drink, smoke.... at all.
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