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Finding a Dr.

I was diagnosed this time last year w/lyme disease. I did two rounds of antibiotics, then the doctor said I was fine. Well it has been a year and recently I was in the emergency room w/ sever knee pain the xrays showed arthritis, and ligament damage.  The problem is I haven't done anything to have this problem.  I've been experiencing headaches, fatique,stomach problems,anxiety,sleepless ness, and of course knee pain.  My doctor doesn't think any of this is related to Lyme Disease, but I am sure of it.  Does anyone know of a good Dr that treats for post lyme disease in Indiana?  

Please Advise!
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Sorry to hear about your problems --

Lyme drs (often called 'LLMDs' -- Lyme Literate MDs -- meaning those who think Lyme may take more treatment than a short course of antibiotics) are generally not identified here by name because of the harrassment they take from other doctors and medical societies.

However!  If you google 'how to find an LLMD' and if you go to the ILADS [dot] org website, you will find some avenues there to locate a doctor in your area.  Some of the posters here on this website drive several hours to reach an LLMD, so you might want to check surrounding states as well.

Let us know how you do, and if you need any other leads for LLMDs.
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and PS -- were you tested for co-infections, which are diseases the Lyme tick can also carry?  The drugs which work against co-infections are sometimes very different from those which work against Lyme, but it seems a lot of non-LLMDs don't test for them.

Also, the Lyme tests themselves are not entirely accurate, but nonLLMDs don't believe that and rely on the tests, which LLMDs will use but will also look at your symptoms.  It is a clinical diagnosis, based on symptoms as well as lab tests, not just lab tests.

There is a huge argument in the medical community about whether a short course of antibiotics is enough, so you're wise to be persistent and be sure you are diagnosed and treated properly.
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It does sound like it is time to see a LLMD.  

How long were the two rounds of antibiotics?
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