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Intravenous Antibiotics IV

Hello! I was recently diagnosed with a more sever form of lyme disease and am going to be given Intravenous Antibiotics through an IV form for 30 days. They have to keep certain tubes inside so it can be done everyday. I'm just curious about how much/how many tubes there will be put that are visible on the outside that I have to go through each day with. Thanks so much! Kelly.
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Best of luck to you with treatment. You might want to visit lymenetdotorg. It's a large site filled with people like you and going through similar treatment. They also have a what's called newbie links filled with tons and tons of information. Simply click on Flash Discussions..Medical Questions.
I can't tell you who much I learned and still do from all this great community.
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well wishes! I had picc line put in, stayed in place until done with IV, 5 months. Also one can get IV where plastic inserted each time with needle, as drawing blood.
Thanks for info tory 2457.
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