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Kidneys look okay

After another round of tests and a visit to my LLMD, he pronounced my kidneys "back to normal."  Yay!!  He upped my dose of clindamycin and said in a month to switch to doxy. He wanted to wait until we're further into fall weather as I am very fair skinned.  First time I will have taken doxy, and it'll be just shy of a year from diagnosis.  

I feel every dosage increase and new antibiotic I take. This dosage increase was enough to make me feel more tired and worn out in the afternoons. Looking forward to perking up in another day or two.

Now, I am watching the reports on TV of storm damage from Sandy.  It is awful.  I am hoping that there is a silver lining in this that billions of ticks were drowned in the floods!

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Congrats Rico! Great news.
Doxy was my first med for Lyme and a low dose had me herxing. Hopefully, since you have been treating, it won't be like that.
I wish ticks would drown. I am ashamed to admit, I dislike Bambi now!
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This is definitely progress, and well-earned.  

Very, very glad for you.  J.
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Thank you both!

Mojo - I have to admit the same. I used to think that shooting Bambi was awful. Now that I know the deer population has grown from 1/2 million to 30 million in the last 60 years, I think we have too many.

I read that Americans' big sympathy for and love of seeing deer began after the movie Bambi came out.  It came out in 1942, and before that, no one was concerned about hunting restrictions. Shows you how incredibly influential pop culture can be!
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A friend of mine in landscaping also had a job of shooting deer. I didn't know I had Lyme and thought it was terrible.

Changed my mind fast! Glad my girls are older. They wouldn't like their mother disliking Bambi. lol
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