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NY times article on Babsia today

The NY Times reported today that Babesia is grossly under reported but is spreading fast and is worrisome and there is a large case in the US. Reported by Dr Peter Krause pg D7.
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I read it.  Once again I am disappointed that a Yale researcher acts as if New England was the universe of tick borne disease. Does he even know that it's in California?
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heck i live in new england and ...still they don't think i have lyme. 2 neg tests..
i fish, hike garden.. worked at a greenhouse farm.. told all the docs

just wait till my pcr test comes back. i sure hope it proves all of them wrong.

i swear it felt like little pac men chomping up and down my veins as i lay in pain! like i could feel the spirochetes
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Oh yes, I am from New England but got my first bite, that I know of in Northern VA/DC area. My friend who is also from the Berkshires was the first known ase of Lyme in New England 20 years ago. You know it's worse than that.
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i was not concerned about lyme in VT  15 years ago because it was not in the area much. then about 8 years ago i heard it was getting bad in Bennington county/ borders western mass.
now i think it is going further north as i know a few people in rutland co. who lived there all there lives, in the country with horses etc.  and never had a problem till they got bit last year and had the rash and fever.

interesting how it spreads.

we lost 90% of our bat population. the fungus.. white nose syndrome started in the north east..new york and vt and then it spread to i don't know how many states now..about 5 years.. fast.

as the planet changes so do the pathogens too many people, pollution?..

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It's just Mother Nature's way.  Things are never steady-state.  When the great Ice Age ended millenia ago, it wasn't because the few hunting-and-gathering humans caused the global temp to rise -- there simply weren't enough of them to have that effect.  Ditto the 'Little Ice Age' that occurred in the Middle Ages.

Pathogens and diseases rise and fall as well.  New diseases come into being  (AIDS, anyone?), and it's due to many more factors than just 'too many people'.  imho and that of a few other people.
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I am from Williamstown, MA, went to Bennington a lot.
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