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Pain flare ups....

I have started taking a lot of vitamins, including several types of Magnesium, in the hope that they will stop some of the pain flare ups that have been hitting me for over 12 years now (never got treatment for Lyme's). However, I am finding that narcotics are they only way I can have any quality of life, they allow me to clean the house and do the basic things necessary to live, like wash clothes, etc. This disease has disabled me, having done a number on my brain and physically. I have been diagnosed with, let's see...Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Arthritis throughout my spine, shoulders, hips (getting really bad like my back), my knees aren't too bad yet. I have major headaches quite frequently now too, and I have been having urinary problems, having to go constantly and having periods where I can't go and have to wear a catheter for a week to allow my bladder to shrink back down. It's hard to tell how much is Lyme's related. All I know is before the bite I was healthy as a horse with no emotional or physical problems. The only thing I had before this was heart disease, I have mitral valve prolapse and Wolfe Parkinson White syndrome (basically a nerve bundle on my heart that misfires causing skipped beats and racing arrythmias). Oh, I also have "essential" tremors very badly, which medication used for my heart also controls the shaking. I don't know how much of all this sounds familiar to the rest of you, but what are some non-narcotic options for pain. I have tried a lot, ice, heat, light stretching and walking. Any ideas? How much of this sounds familiar to those who have Lyme's Disease?  Thanks for reading, Tony
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Tony, I am sorry that you are getting all this pain and being misdiagnosed.
For me, except for the depression diagnoses, I had the same diagnoses plus more.

This will be short, not feeling well but others should comment too.
We're you ever tested for Lyme? I believe at this point, you probably have chronic Lyme and really need antibiotic treatment. You need to see an LLMD. Contact ILADS and ask them for one near you.

If you can't find one, an integrated medicine doctor may be able to help.
Things will get worse, I was misdiagnosed for 18 years. Some people take just herbs for treatment. I am not sure how well that works because I haven't done just herbs and everyone is different.

I refuse to take narcotics for pain. I take tramadol/ultram. In addition to that you need something to attack the bugs bacteria. If you want more information, send me a PM and I can give you more info on the LLMD who provides you with only herbs and can consult with you on the phone. I take one of his herbs and it works for a co-infection. Most of my meds are antibiotics.

Best of luck.
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I second what mojo has said about tony's probable Lyme disease as being partly  at fault for his pain> (We don't know all his medical history)

Treatment for Lyme might diminish most/some of his sypmtoms though
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OOPS---- hit wrong key by accident!


What mojo may not remember, but will certainly understand, is that tony lives in a state (Oregon) where a person can't get treatment for Lyme. (It's like TX in that respect, maybe even worse)

So if he can't go out of state (to CA) he can only treat the symptoms.

Oregon does have a ****load of NDs though and if he can afford to go to one then he may get some help----- even for Lyme. But NDs may or may not be covered under his insurance, if he indeed does have any insurance

Tony-you're in one of the horrible gnarly situations between the rock and the hard place and, tony, you have my sincere sympathy.

It does sound as if you might have Lyme but you also have many other conditions that may or may not be related to Lyme. It's too bad you can't get tested and treated for Lyme for then perhaps the wheat may be parted from the chaff.
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Thanks cave, I don't remember much after my accident on top of the Lyme brain. I can totally relate to you tony after being in TX.

I think, from what I have heard, some integrated medicine doctors will do the IgeneX tests and give abx for treatment. Otherwise the herbal route might give some relief although I am a believer in abx as the main fighter and herbs as a supplement.
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Even with lyme food allergies especially gluten, dairy, nightshades and caffeine will increase pain levels tremendously. Also taking a good detox product like takesumi supreme and maybe an anti-inflammatory like tumeric can help and of course treat the lyme simultaneously
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