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What are the odds of taking antibiotics

My last two pregnancies I've had trouble with high blood pressure, and the other day I went to see my doctor to check my blood pressure & he suggested that I take ramilich to lower my blood pressure which maybe caused by stress.
He also recommended that I take a blood test & made an appointment for me to see a cardiologist.
As it turned out, my blood test indicates a borreliosis or Lyme disease. I have no symptoms of any of what I read in this forums, except at one time I had taken antibiotics for a cough & I had an excruciating headache after taking the antibiotics. My doctor tells me that because I have Lyme disease that I had the headache. It's been one year ago when I experienced the horrible headache that didn't go away for weeks.
Now , I am told that I have borreliosis & my doctor recommended that I should take antibiotics for three weeks.
How am I supposed to be sure that one year ago & my blood test result last week is really from Lyme disease??
I don't even remember getting bite by a tick.
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Just wanted to stop by here before I go to bed. All my kids started walking & talking between 11 to 13 months. Although the two youngest has apple juice allergy, which could be a sign for something else?? I will  have them tested to perhaps help me find out for sure how long or since when I've had Borreliosis. In my own remedy, I'm considering to do fasting cure - water diet, as I am curious what the bacteria feeds on in our bodies in order to multiply. Also, will probably ask my doctor for oxygen cleansing in the blood to rid of toxins & perhaps a blood transfusion from my husband. Has any of you tried any self cure such as 'fasting'? Just my thoughts, but will see what my doctor will say. Goodnight from Baden Wurttemberg!
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I don't know that allergies have anything to do with Lyme, which is a bacterial infection.  

Also, I don't think it's possible to tell from testing how long you have had Lyme, other than the IgG and IgM antibodies that your immune system makes against the bacteria, but the tests are notoriously inaccurate because of fluctuations in your body's manufacture of the antibodies.  Nor does it matter necessarily how long you have been infected if it is beyond a few weeks, and most of us never know when we were infected.

Unless you are recently infected (within a couple of weeks back), how long you have been infected does not change the treatment approach, which in any event is normally antibiotics.  There are other, non-traditional remedies such as Rife machines that you may wish to look into.  We have occasionally had posters here who used Rife, but I have heard no success stories from any of them.

Fasting and diet would not, to my knowledge, cure any bacterial infection, of which Lyme is one.  If you search online with a query such as 'what do lyme bacteria eat' you will find references to the bacteria burrowing through cartilage, but no discussion of what their favorite fare is.

At the twofrogscenter website is a post focussing on what to avoid.

"Since the bacteria eat up nutrients that normally go to your cells, one strategy for stopping fatigue is to stop eating foods that feed the bacteria. These bacteria like sugars, so eliminating sweetened foods, most carbohydrates, and dairy can start to deprive the Lyme of it's food. Eliminating these foods helps to limit how fast they multiply and can help to decrease their population...."

Eating healthy food is important to support your immune system, however, and that would seem to me to be more important to focus on than fasting.  Your body is under tremendous stress fighting the infection, and supporting it with nourishing foods is necessary.

Lyme bacteria live in areas of the body which are low in blood flow, such as cartilage, so a blood transfusion would seem to me not useful:  it is not your blood which is deficient, it is that the bacteria have set up house and are inhabiting your body.  It is not a matter of eliminating toxins, but of killing the bacteria.

Think syphilis:  it is a spirochetal bacterium just as Lyme is.  Cure:  antibiotics and potentially herbs.  I would not mess around with a case of syphilis, nor would I with Lyme for the very same reasons.

Bottom line:  Good nutritional support for your body and its immune system is highly important, but not a cure for Lyme.
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I just came back from my doctors & although my blood test shows that I have a band showing in the test, however I have no symptom or weak symptoms of the disease. And so I asked a remedy to boost my immune system instead of going through the antibiotic treatments & my doctor suggested bio resonance therapy which is not allowed in America.
I will be starting my therapy next week.
I'll post more later & keep you updated.
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Bio resonance therapy
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Would you share with us which band was positive on your test?
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I'm not sure how to read this but here it is anyway:
OspC- b
These are the bands.
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