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near fainting

Hello All,  

I am wondering if anyone has fainted or had 'head rush' from Lyme ?

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I feel faint a lot of the time, but haven't actually fainted.
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Gorbs!  I was thinking about you just the other day.

I just searched:

lyme disease hypotension

-- and there were quite a few hits.  There seem to be different kinds of low blood pressure effects and types, but Lyme does affect the whole body's internal control system, including blood pressure and related things.

Does your doc have any comments or suggestions?
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Hello Cousin ! - I was thinking about you too!!

I haven't spoken to my LLMD for ages - my GP said BP was fine.

I feel like Lyme has reared it's ugly head again - it is the first time I have had such a bad 'head rush' , I had to sit down and couldn't focus my eyes for what seemed like ages - I have been scared of another since - 3 days ago.

I have had a lot of stress of late and all my old symptoms are back with a few new ones.

I hope you are well.

'Happy New Year' to you and everyone here.

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I have to move slowly when I move positions, like from laying down to sitting up and sitting up to standing.  I have always had low blood pressure and I am worried it is even lower now with lyme?
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Gorbs,  I remember thinking when your treatment stopped that it seemed a bit on the short side, compared to what the Lyme docs follow here.  Have you thought about going back for a follow up visit?  

I've come to think that Lyme is so good at hiding out in the body that it can spring up and make itself known again, so checking in with the Lyme doc might not be a bad idea?  Also, the little beasts seem to know the seasons, and now that the days are starting to get longer, it may be spring time for Lyme.  Dunno.

Take care -- hope you feel better soon.  
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Blood pressure can, from what I read, be affected by Lyme through several pathways.  If you already have relatively low BP (as I do) then any further drop can hit hard.  

Several years ago, when concern about too much salt and high blood pressure was all over the news, I cut way back on my salt intake, but now it turns out (from what I read) that only a very small percentage of people are affected badly by salt.  I already have fairly low BP (90/50), and I now eat all the salt I want, and my BP doesn't budge.  So I'm not salt-sensitive, it seems, and I feel better when I have a reasonable salt intake.

Lyme of course complicates all these things, so do talk with your Lyme doc about your BP issues.  It is a real thing and not *at all* in your head.

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and PS, Gorbs, the message I just posted to AllergyNerd goes for you too!
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Yeah, I didn't think to mention BP when I had my 1st LLMD appt last week, oops.  
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Unless you're going back very soon for a follow up, I'd suggest you either call your doc's office and leave a message about the BP issues, or (and this is what I would do) write a short letter to the doc (typed is better, makes it easier for them to read) saying 'forgot to mention at my appointment on [date] a point that might be important:  ___' and then describe briefly what it is that happens and the effect it has on you.  And conclude with 'Please let me know if there is something I should do about this because I am concerned I might pass out.'  or whatever it is you feel/think.

I find phone messages don't work well, because they get abbreviated and are the receptionist or nurse's impression of what they think you are talking about and just get stuffed into the file.  Too many avenues for misunderstanding.  But it's up to you.  
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and PS, I've started taking to appointments a very short list of symptoms or issues I want to talk to the doc about that day, no more than 5 items, and 3 is better.  Take two copies, one for you to refer to and one to hand to the doc (not the nurse/receptionist).  It helps guide the conversations and ensures YOUR concerns are surfaced.  I got tired of getting shuffled thru appointments and being back home realizing things I really wanted to talk about never got discussed.  So I take an agenda with me.  Short, but it's MY agenda.  :)
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