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Gastric distress with menopause

I'm 58 and my last period was about 4 years ago. I thought I was sailing through menopause with just some anxiety and night sweats once in a while.

About 8 weeks ago I began having hot flashes many times a day and night, night sweats several times a night, anxiety and horrible gastric distress. All at once!

I've never in my life had heartburn or any intestinal problems but now my stomach seems to fill with gas for no reason, it rolls around my intestines causing sharp pains. I burp and feel sick to my stomach (think morning sickness) and the rumbling and gas are quite embarrassing. Now I have had diarrhea two mornings in a row.

There's no mucus or blood and I've had an occasional day or two with almost no tummy complaints then BAM!

What ever can I do? I cannot stand the thought of living like this for 2 - 5 - 10 years! Hot Flashes and night sweats can be endured, but the other problems are too much for me.

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I had COLON CANCER!  If you have gastric distress of any sort, please see a gastroenterology specialist as soon as possible!
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I am sorry to hear that.  How are you doing?  I notice your original post was a number of years back.  I am glad you followed up with a doctor despite not getting any responses.  I hope you are healthy these days.
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The doctor thinks this may have spread to my liver.  I'll be having a lot of tests in the next week.  Not one internet search ever pointed to colon cancer when I used my symptoms as search criteria.  
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Hmm, I am not sure why.  When I had my second fibroid I was having a lot of digestive problems and was told to take fiber.  I took the normal dose but it was too strong for me and caused a lot of the same digestive symptoms you had and the gastroenterologist was certain I had cancer.  I didn't but it is a shame you couldn't find it in your search.  Well I do hope your tests come back negative.  Stay strong.
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How are you now?
I am presently in nurse practitioner school and would be glad to answer any questions that I can. E-mail ***@****
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