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Hair Loss

I have been in menopause since I was 23 yr old, now i am 29.  I still don't have the swing of it.  I was given "yasmin" to help me with my menopause.  I am balding and losing so much hair its scary.  

It is now noticeable and I don't know what to do!  I am always tired, depressed and my skin is starting to droop.  I would be perfectly fine with aging naturally at the appropriate age but I'm not!  I am so concerned and when I see my doctor it like she doesn't even care about my concerns.

Any tips or advice on what I could do to slow down my aging at 29 yrs old? Is this Yasmin enough for me?


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You are doing the right thing.  Keep us posted.  I have a feeling you are going to be feeling better real soon.  :  )
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Thank you so much for the advice. A few months back I made a request for another doctor, and hopefully I get a new one soon.

In the mean time, I am gonna make an appointment to get my thyroid check.  And hope for my hair to grow back, and my mood lightened.  I also read some info about taking

*Soy with

To help with menopause along with a multi.  So going to do that today.  Menopause (what my doc says) or what ever it is I have is extremely frustrating.  I am glad I found this form.  

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Hun, Get a different doc, you know, they are just ppl, and, as ppl, some are  *sses, and some are not,

Please have them do thyroid check!! Thyroid problems will cause depression, weight gain (or loss) as well as HAIR LOSS, i had a circular patch oh top of my head, and doc decided to check my thyroid, now i on synthroid, and hair grew back, emotions under control..
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Hi tiredsteph.  :  )

I don't have any experience with Yasmin.  But, I would think about changing to a doctor you can feel comfortable with.

You may want to get some simple blood test to rule out anything else that may or may not be menopause related.  It is most likely something very simple and easy to fix with a doctor who is willing to hear your concerns and work with you.  You deserve that.

Have a blessed and worry free day.

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